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HMS Triton 1773, 1/48, POF by Juergen

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Hello guy's


I will start my build of the Triton again.

Christian (AnobiumPunctatum) and I are started our builds in 2009. But we built the hull in single frame and not in double frame based of the original drawings (Christians idea). It was originally planned to use the MSW frame drawings. But I realized during the build of the fore cant frames that the MSW frame drawings were not suitable for a single frame build. That's why I had a break for about 4 years. Now I pencilled all the frames new and would like to continue the build of the frames. After the frame build I'll use the MSW drawings for the remaining build.

Now there are some photos from The keel, stern apron etc.










More photos are following soon

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Hi d_yur, Tim and Ferrit


Much thanks for the kind comments.



Hi Juergen, It's pleasure to see you again on a work. This is another wow as expected. But what are you thinking about Leopard?

Yes, I was very busy last time, but now I have more time to build at the models. I would like to build at both models. Next time, preferred at the Triton. I spent very much time in that project.

When would you like to continue your Berlin?

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Hello Juergen!!


I do remember those pics working with the press mill! Nice to see your Triton back and waiting to see all those single frames on its place. Really interesting project. GOOD LUCK!


And welcome aboard again!



Daniel. :cheers:

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Hello guys


Thanks so much for the kind comments and the warm welcome. I'm always glad to see fellow soldiers from MSW 1.0 ;)

As I said I was very busy the last years and have now much more time for model building. I think to start the frame build next week.


Will we meet next week at the exhibition in Wilnsodrf?

Sure Christian, I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

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Hello Juergen!


Simply beatiful. Certainly you finish every single frame before erect it. Like some one says around... "treat each part of the ship as itself, you´ll finish more ships in a day than others in a whole live" or something like that...


Very impresive work. keep going!



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thanks for the likes and the nice comments.


I would think that the drawings could be adapted to single frames  but remember that even the single frame construction had some sistering.I am sure the community would love to see you draw up a set of frames for the triton....start a whole new build!

I thought them also that the drawings could be adapted to a single frame build. But the position of the double frames are not the same to the single frames. I believe that's why the MSW drawings were not suitable.

I have a little problem about the frame drawings. These are hand drawn. Only what I can do is to show some photos.

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It depends on the set of drawings you got from the NMM. I have an old copy which has some discrepances to the MSW design of all double framws.

Last year I bought a new color copy of the as built drawing at the NMM. This drawing fits really well with the MSW drawings


For a "single frame build" you have to draw all cant frames by yourselve. These won't work with the original ship. For the midship frames I think it's possible to use the MSW drawings. At which frame it makes sense to draw new frames I can't say in the moment.


Last weekend I started with redrawing the lines. Then I will check which frames I need to redraw to build the model as I dream from the beginning of the community project. I don't know how much time I need but I hope that I have the first results until the end of the year.

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Hello Guys


Here's a little update of my build. I install the aft Cant-Frames at the moment. You can see my practice of the following photos. I hate it to do the same for several hours. That's why I decided to produce a Frame, install it and than produce the next Frame and so on. At this way I had a bit of change.




To saw out the parts I use a band-saw with a special saw band for slightly curves.





post-3439-0-89048200-1413320621_thumb.jpg post-3439-0-24529200-1413320636_thumb.jpg post-3439-0-52888300-1413320646_thumb.jpg post-3439-0-83504800-1413320658_thumb.jpg post-3439-0-84349600-1413320673_thumb.jpg


I hope that the next update is showing the finish of the frame build.

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