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I posted this earlier below but thought it might be better here.

In California, Nevada and Utah we have a system called Link+ which allows me to order books from libraries throughout those states. Below is a sampling of five books I have from different libraries. I ordered them online and it took about ten days when I was notified by my local library that they were ready for pick-up.

Perhaps other states have a similar arrangement and I would suggest checking with your librarian.

I found this to be a great way to review books before I bought my own.


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I once did an inter library loan of "The Naval War of 1812" by Teddy Roosevelt. I got a call from my local library that the book was in and I went to pick it up. It turns out it was a first edition printed in 1912 and the last person to check it out was in 1914. I eventually found a modern reprint of the book but it was fun to borrow the old copy. It's a great way to read some old, out of print books that you might otherwise not see.

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Inter-library loans are one of the best kept library secrets around (i.e., many folks aren't aware of this wonderful resource); however, most libraries participate. I've borrowed a number of rare tomes over the years that otherwise would have been impossible to obtain. If you're looking for a particular book, give WorldCat a search: http://www.worldcat.org Not only does WorldCat give you information on a book you're seeking, it also lists what libraries around the world that have the book--this is a very useful research tool.




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