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Santa Maria 1492 by Dominic - Artesania Latina - 1:65 Scale

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Like I said, a teaching moment!    :cheers:  Congratulations, your response shows maturity and well done for putting your head above the parapet. That I believe sincerely, is the purpose of the build logs.


A final note, the Santa Maria was my second build so about where you are now.  As you can see from the pic, I chiseled off the planking, a bit of a pain but it came off without too much damage to the first planking. Sanded the last little bits.


Of course, you do realise that we'll all be watching your progress on the Jolly Boat with interest.     :huh:

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I've continued work on the Santa Maria this last week. Finished the second planking and trimmed out the gun ports. Sanded the entire hull with gradually finer grades of sandpaper and finally applied two coats of varnish. I don't think my unorthodox planking turned out too bad.


Next I've started fitting out the decks, starting with the hatch combing and poopdeck edging. I decided to use some spare veneer to edge the poopdeck before adding the rubbing strakes.















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That looks very good, excellent finish on the hull and neat outlining of the poop deck and half-deck hatch.Sometimes it just looks better when you mitre the corners so that's something to think about in the future. Otherwise, well done, the lower planking is almost invisible and would disappear completely if you tarred or tallowed below the waterline.

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Last night I was rubbing down the rubbing strakes, (see what I did there?), as I wasn't happy with the gap that had formed between the outer strakes and the veneer that I added. So after rubbing the stain off I ran a tiny bead of cyano gel into the gap and sanded lightly with a coarse paper allowing the dust to settle into the groove. Then smoothed over with a fine grade and re-stained. Looks much better in my opinion.





Next up I started on the main deck waterways. The fore waterway had to be bevelled on the inside to sit flush on the deck/fore wall. The port/star waterways needed some shaping first. There was enough flex in the wood latitudinally to allow it to fit but I decided to soak/clamp and allow to dry to shape first. Then sanded, stained and fitted in place.










Currently I am working on adding the timberheads:




More later.

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I've fitted the knees for the 1/4 deck and it's fascia. I am now working on the external rubbing strakes. Starting with the main deck strake I soaked and clamped the strips so that they dry to the correct shape then stained and fitted them, fitting the two upper strakes following that. These ones didn't require pre-shaping first so was stain/dry/fit.








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I'll try tat one again. I have just found your log. I have inherited a partially built Santa Maria. All the bulkheads have ben fitted along with the main deck. The problem is, the whole is twisted out of shape. I am trying to figure out a way to straiten it without having to pull it all apart.

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Hiya, forgive the lateness in my reply.


I don't think there is a way to straighten without taking apart, if is at that point. And depending on what was used as adhesive may dictate on how you can take it apart. If it was just ordinary PVA, the easiest way is to soak in hot water for a few minutes and it should come apart quite easily. Be sure though the keep the parts flat whilst they dry as you could end up with a worse problem than when you started.

Forgive if you already know all this, it can be hard to gauge a persons experience unless you already know.


Good luck.

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Thanks for that. I had hoped to not pull it all apart, but it does seem to be the only way to fix it properly. It looks like they have used PVA glue, so hopefully I can pull it apart easily.



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