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Black Prince by Guybrarian - Mamoli - 1:57 - Double plank-on-bulkhead, Privateer Schooner, 1775

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Greetings everyone,


This is my very first build, but I can tell I am hooked. I'm sure this will be the first of many.


As of this posting, we are well underway:

  • false keel and bulkhead framing


  • first layer hull planking in boxwood



  • second layer hull planking in walnut


  • deck planking with tanganyka--a few flaws here, but I think these will be hidden by the inside wale planking



It's time to cut the canon portholes--which makes me pretty nervous. I also have some questions about the inside wale planking that I will post to the group.


So far, Im pleased with the kit and my work, and the images of the walnut on the hull make it look even better, I think.

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Guest EricD

Hi Guybrarian--


I haven't heard of this kit before and it's looking good!


You will probably get some good advice here about gun ports but if I can add my observations.


It's too late now but for future builds it usually a good idea to cut the gun ports in the first layer of planking.  That way you can make sure they are properly aligned and sized and located and any mistakes can be covered up with the second layer of planking.


As far as cutting the ports, its a good idea to make a form (like a cardboard cutout) to make sure you get the ports the same size.  Trace them onto the hull.  Then drill small holes well inside your lines.  Make the holes as close together as possible, like perforations.  Then you can use a needle saw (exacto has a good one) to cut out the ports.  File them to size and shape.


I don't know if the kit will suggest this, but it's a nice idea to line the sides of the ports with scrap wood.  This gives the ports a nice square look and also hides the first layer of planking.


Its also not a bad idea to varnish the hull before you do your drilling cutting and filing because that will help minimize the risks of splits.  If you get a split or any other sort of imperfection, you can fix it by making a putty of sawdust from the hull wood and white glue.  Work it over the flaw and sand it smooth while the glue is still wet.  Most of the time you won't even know there was ever a problem.


Good luck and I look forward to following your progress!



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Hi Guybrarian,

                       I am currently building Mamoli's Newport, which is the same kit with a different name. I am just about to start the rigging after a long layoff from building. I have quite a few photos on my build log if you want any reference to help your build. I have found Mamoli's instructions next to useless and have got to where I am today by following various build logs on this site. I cut off the frame extensions before planking the deck and inner bulwark planking.

As Eric has already said, I varnished before cutting the gun ports to avoid too much splintering of the 2nd planking. Keep looking at all the other build logs here for ideas, as there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum and everyone is willing to help out. I will keep following your build with interest.



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Hi Guybrarian,


I'm about to begin this same model. After fairly extensive review of the plans, I still can't visualize how the planking falls at the stern. Especially confusing to me is for the upper planks, where they appear to rotate around 90 degrees. Any chance you could send or post a few detailed photos of he stern? Thanks much.



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Sadly, this kit got packed away for a couple of years. Wow, does time fly. I've dug it out and started up where I left off. 

Painted the keel, tallow below the waterline and flat black above. Pretty clean lines from the masking, but I may need to retouch the strakes with black. I was a bit wobbly on the waterline, and I'm not sure what would look right, so I'd be curious to hear opinions.




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I've also gotten a start with a few deck accessories. I think some pieces may have gotten lost, so I've had to hand shape some pieces like the prow bitt--or maybe I was just supposed to do that anyway?


Rather than cutting holes in the deck with nothing below, I've painted the deck black under the grates. I think that gives the right effect, but again, my first build, so...




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Would appreciate any feedback.

So, another noob question. I had planned to stain my masts, but the Model Expo English Oak stain I have looks very orange. I was thinking of using the walnut stain ( I also have this already) which is a somewhat rich dark brown, but I wonder--is there any reason hstorically why that would be a bad (inaccurate) choice?


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