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I am sure this has been covered and if I was better at IT  I would do a build log.  Buidling HMS Swift  all going ok till now.  the planks despite being wet and pretty bendy wont curve nicely at the bow and even worse I am one plank short.

Ever the improviser I have cut another one form the ply template blank that the deck blank was in,  This has broken when being bent despite being very wet.  I am sure I can repair as its first plank layer.  but my bow planks do not cure as nicely as i would like.  


Anyone got any ideas???   this is a small model so the planks are small, as my Wife has got sick of dusting "Norske Love", which I built over 20 years ago.

I have to say I love the build, its a challenge the plans are not as good as they could be and the English is god fun to read


Am I missing a trick doing my plank bending please?.   I should say I tapered all at bow and stern so almost no filling required.  


Isnt it fun creating a real beautiful model from a lot of flat planks and sheets so you see a curvy 3 dimensional piece of practical art


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Guest EricD

If you are going to a lot of models a plank bender is a good investment.  Hot water works but sometimes the wood can shrink when it dries so you have to work very slowly.

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One of the first plank on bulkhead models I attempted was the AL Swift.  Not knowing any better I just let the planks run on their natural path and filled in the gaps with stealers.  Worked great for the first layer and didn't look to bad for the second layer but does require more thought and planning on placing the planking strips to get a fair looking final result.

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