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Chain plates & rubbing strip

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That was my thought. I would defeat the purpose of the rubbing strake which acts as "bumper". You wouldn't want any important rigging on the outside of this to get damaged. The rubbing strake for this ship is not very thick or wide- not much room for passing under it. I've got to figure out how I am going to do this..... Seems there are 3 options.....


(1) have the bars coming down from the channels to contact the deck right above the rubbing strake & stop there


(2) have it contact the deck a little higher up(making for shorter pieces) & have a very short flat piece that joins that lays flat on the hull & stopping at the strake,   or...


(3) same as #2 but have the flat piece pass under the rubbing strake so it can be longer 


or quit worrying over this so much & have them pass over & below the strake. I have seen pictures of it done this way on the web- it still doesn't make any sense to me

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