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Several years ago, I thought of building a brass locomotive.  So I joined the brasslocobuilders forum.  I never built the locomotive but I still get email from them. 


This was posted today and I thought I might be interesting to some here.  I have not tried it but it sounds good.

Heading:  “Painting Brass”


Q.  What recommendations do people have as to prepare a brass loco for its undercoat?  The model is old, dirty & tarnished a bit.


A.  Soak it in CLR for about 15 minutes use disposable rubber gloves so you are not handling the brass with bare hands, after you take it out of the CLR, rinse it in clean tap water and place it into a drying oven, [old oven with a 60W bulb] when it is dry I then wash it in clean thinners and again let it dry, and then give it its first coat of etch primer [auto etch primer].


You can make a drying oven by using an old metal mail box with a 60W bulb inside.  Slide the model in and turn on the light, close the door and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.


Keep in mind the CLR leaves a slippery coating on the brass; make sure you rinse it properly especially in nooks and crannies, or you may have problems with the paint not bonding. I generally use an old tooth brush or an artist brush about 1/2” wide.



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An interesting post Bob.In the UK you can buy tablets that dissolve in water to descale kettles.I would assume this is the same stuff.With my RC builds in particular that have lots of brass handrail that can be slightly bent pondside but restraightened,I blast the soldered components with a Badger abrasive gun prior to acid etch primer.This blasting is only mild,not like commercial blasting,but it does give a minute mechanical key for the primer,plus ensuring no flux residues remain.


Kind Regards



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