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Hey it's just me, Personally I feel you under estimate your workmanship.Your Royal Caroline has been superbly built,The Friedrich Wilheim zu Pferde will be to, that's the way you do things,it's nice to learn and watch your methods and your reasons why.I would like to reserve a seat for your next build.Edwin

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Hi Edwin


sure you are very welcome to my shipyard. Take a seat and let's have a nice time while building our boats :D The FW will be a challenge - I think you all know this. Therefore I will wait till I have gathered more expierence esp with bashing. I hope I can try this with my next model The Endeavour by Occre. I have the AOTS to the Endeavour and will try to improve the kit with more details from the book.


Keep on rolling...

BTW Just had a look on Google Earth and found, that Port Alberni is situated on Vancouver Island... I am envious now as Vancouver Island represents for me one of the most adorable places on earth... :)



Cheerio my friend



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Hello my friends an fellow men :D


just a little update with some pics again. Still working with the running rigging. But as I am working in the news business the past days left no time to relax and to care about my good old lady Caroline. All that terrorism takes my time away... But today I could finish the bowspirt and the biggest part of the foremast. So I thought I could be good to share my results with you :D There is nothing special to tell so far.  All takes its place as soon as I have found the place in the confusing rigging plan :)


Enjoy the pics and don't hesitate with any kind of comment.















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Cheerio my friends!


Well - it is done. The Caroline is completed, as I think. The rigging is fixed, the lanterns are on their place, even the flag is allright. although I will try with my next ship to get some more realistic flags... But nevertheless - I like the flag as it is.


All in all I say - the kit by Panart is ok. There is a lot of possibilities to bash or to improve the build. I got swivel-guns, built a door beneath the stairs etc... only some small additions as you see. For me it was most important to improve my knowledge and my craftsmanship. And I wanted to create a model that is nice to look at under a Hood in my living-room. This is done.


I was a little bit dissapointed by the rigging plan - it Needs a lot of detective work :D to understand the drawings. This could be done much better as I think. But at least is also worked.


I thank you all who followed my log, thx for all comments, tips, hints and tricks. The next days when I have some more time I will do some additional pics and at last create an own Gallery for my Royal Caroline. I will have a break now for some weeks. I will be back some not so far away day with my next log - the Endeavour by Occre, which I want to bash more according to the AOTS.




Yours - Max











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Hi together...


This is probably my last update of my Royal Caroline log. I am ready, have ordered the hood, made the stand and took all the pics for the gallery. The gallery will be open soon, perhaps I will upload the pics today, perhaps tomorrow.


I thank you all again - it was a funny and really good time. One of the pics show my two models - the Half Moon and the Royal Caroline - a nice small fleet :D with nearly the same scale. And the last picture gives an Impression of the next project - the Endeavour.


I will see you all again as soon as I start the Endeavour. This will be not before March.


Enjoy the pics and come by to my gallery the next days. I will follow several logs and stay online - of course. When you start wooden modelling... well, you can't stop it so easy :)


Cheerio my friends
















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Thank you all for the compliments :D


I am glad - and... yes... a little bit proud - that this model came out quite nice. Also I am a little bit sad, that it's over now. You sure know this feeling...


Bye bye for the moment - CU soon (when the Admiral gives me the permission to start the Enbeavour :D)


And: The Gallery is open



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Amazing build, good luck on your next build, with those skills I am sure that it will be a nice model too. I am wondering, how are you going to handle the dust that will settle on the ship? 

Hi Schnu - sorry for the delay...


The dust is kept out by a big hood... It is 90/75/28 cm big and from acrylic glass, made by a German Company called Sora (http://www.sora-shop.de). It is worth every Cent (the costs are about 165 Euro) as it prevents the model from the bad bad dust.





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Hi Francis,


just take a look at my log - I have done the Endeavour. Yes, it is a nice kit with some traps - but you will not have any problem when you follow step by step - and take a look at one of the many logs here. I found that these guys here are extremley helpful ands nice.





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