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Hi Curtis

All is looking really good.


I can't remember my sequence but I'm pursuing a similar one now. Get the hard parts on which need fingers and clamps out of the way before you install the fragile bits. In your case I'd get those cap rails on before adding the cannons.

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Hi Curtis, how is the kit coming along? I built the AVS a couple of years ago, using Bob's practicum. As someone else noted, you should ignore the kit's instructions, and follow Bob's. I kept mine in a binder, and inserted the correction sheets on the proper pages. One error Bob never corrected, which caused me a bit of a problem - the dimension of the hole in the bow for the bowsprit specified by Bob is too large. It needs to be about an 1/8 in. smaller, as I recall, as this piece is a 3/8in. dowel. This will save you having to putty up the hole later.

I will monitor your build, so post questions if you have them.

Looks very good so far.

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