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Pen and Sword has just released a book written by C A Pengelly on HMS Bellerophon (Billy Ruffian to its crew). 


Just running off copies of the front cover to place strategically around the house for the Admiral to notice.



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Wonder if this is a repackage of a book released in 1966 (it is 303 pages, but doesn't have an ISBN #), link below.  Amazon also says the new isn't avail until July, but can preordered.  Can buy old for $6.00 at Abe books.  Just some food for thought.






Happy modeling,


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It was a pre-release notice and won't be out for a month yet

I am locked in on the $CDN price (always more in Canada versus the states) and if it drops (as if that ever happens) I get the lower price.


I am very interested in reading her story and having not seen the first printing I hope it will be one of those few books I cannot put down

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Amazon just sent me an estimated shipping date for the book.

They're now saying between Sept. 23 and Oct 3rd

This is not the first change in ship date

Luckily I have quite a bit to keep me busy until then

Possibly I will receive it in time for my birthday in November or maybe for Christmas???

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Sorry guys!

I have been away more then here the last little bit.


I have been reading the book, having gotten through a good quarter of it, a description of the build (I will be inserting loose sheets about the builder having gone bankrupt and his notice of death), painting scheme, what life was like for a seaman of the time, and now reading about her time at sea in the early years when she was just launched.


I am thoroughly enjoying the book but only have time to read four or five pages a night ... just before lights out ... in the hopes I might enjoy it even more in my dreams.


The type is large enough, I suppose that would be to get the requisite number of sheaves in it to qualify as a book? As I am getting "more experienced" in aging I will not complain about the font size.

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Finished Chapter 3


What have I learnt?


She was faster than any other ship in the fleet due to the skill of her crew and likely the skill of her builders (?)

Possibly some anomaly akin to the first Bluenose


Seems breaking yards and top gallant masts was a common occurrence as every other week a ship had to turn in for repairs


Starting Chapter 4

The Glorious First of June


This book is a keeper for me

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