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Swift by maltbyguy - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1:50 (via E Bay)

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Hi all I am still trying to work out my next major project I still want to build a POF model rather than the usual POB kits that I buy. I was browsing through E bay and found a part built Swift kit and thought it would make a good quick filer I put a £50 bid in it and won it for £45 !! bargain


The kit arrived safely but the previous builder had made a bit of a mess the main bulkhead was bent the mast supports were in the wrong place but nothing ventured nothing gained so I broke the backbone in two added more supports and glued back together  


Next job was the deck this has quite a camber to it so loads of string and clamping methods were needed to get it to sit on the bulkheads correctly


The 1st planking was so poor in quality I think it was just pine that it broke at the slightest bend  so that made some nice paint stirrers ! and I used some pieces of walnut I had in stock I know it seems a shame to use it and then cover it up but when needs must





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1st planking and 2nd planking both finished but I didn't read the instructions correctly so planked all of the hull in walnut the top 4 planks should have been in the lighter colour


Deck and inner bulwarks have all been planked in the lighter timber I am not sure what it is but it seems impossible to sand it clean so I decided to leave it slightly dirty and say it adds character to the deck






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I decided to paint inner bulwarks probably not strictly correct but as I have said before I am no a "rivet counter" I make my models for the enjoyment of the hobby and to make something that is pleasing to look at


Masts were tapered on my Proxxon lathe I like their products this small lathe is ideal for mast and spar making


Its amazing how much better a model looks with masts fitted even if its a temp   dry fit











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Hi sorry I haven't posted for a while but as I have said before I am a model builder not a photographer !


I have been finishing the deck fittings and the rigging


The deck houses were built up as per the plan re enforcing the corners with some scrap I never like to see bare plywood so I cut off the overhang and made a frame from some walnut from the scrap box. the doors were made up and painted and dummy hinges fitted


not really much rigging to do so a couple of pictures cover most things


The anchors were missing so they will have to wait until I can find some of the right size


next project ????







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