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Useful Pliers.

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I have just bought a pair of these and wondered if anyone out there has experience of them.




They come from the jewellery making world and are termed loop making pliers and are quite well made.

the "jaws" will produce loops of 1.8/2.7/3.5/5.0/7.0/8.5 mm .








It is likely that the larger jaws will be of limited use but I found making the loop shown to be very quick and easy to form as the plier grips the work as well as forming the shape.





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The pliers I use for making eyebolts, etc. are fairly inexpensive but a very good quality tool.  The tips are 0.042 in diameter at the tip.  An eye/ring of almost any size from 0.042 in. dia. up to 0.188 in dia. can be made.  I make a mark on the tapered barrel to mark the spot to wrap the wire when I want to make a bunch the same diameter.  These are also useful for making hooks with an eye - all with the same tool - no need to swap out tools or use a drill bit for the eye and then the pliers for the rest.  I got this at Hobby Lobby and it's from their Beadsmith brand.



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One can get even finer ended needle-nose pliers (jewelers' supply houses), but the best Swedish ones are quite pricey at around US$50.00. However, they perform beautifully. Just don't drop them accidentally on to concrete as I once did!

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Those small needle nose pliers would be handy for adjusting things like hooks and clevis to get the proper shaps and turn-backs on hooks for mousing, after the initial forming. My experience with pliers is that I loose the use of one hand while the pliers are in my hand so use the vice often to hold items when using pliers.


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