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HMS Diana by Ray - FINISHED - Caldercraft/Jotika - A 38 gun Heavy Frigate, 1794

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Good tip on the rope coils Ray. I struggle with those holding them in tweezers and doing all sorts of contortions so this looks like the way for me and just as I've got a deck full of guns to be rigged.

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Top decks



With the the gun, deck guns, and fittings completed the next part of the build is fit the top decks, all be it they are in one sheet, the quarter deck, the gangway and the forecastle. The first part was to fit the beams between the gangways, the beams were fixed to under side of the ply deck and slots cut into the inner bulwark to allow the deck to fit I considered this better than shortening the beams. Then all the other beams were fixed to the frames. Next I snapped off the top of the frame stubs and dressed them level, the ply deck was trial fitted to ensure it went down on all the beams OK and the levels and cambers were correct a few slight adjustments were made.


The deck was then ready to fit, I normally use Speed Bond PVA but in this case you need a longer drying time so I used a std  PVA as it takes a fair bit of time to apply the PVA and place, and pin the deck down. With the deck now fitted I then decided to fill the gaps around the edges and were the frame stubs had been removed, the edges at the gangways had gaps around 2-3 mm as showed in the photos these had a ply filler added, you will not notice this from side on as it will be painted.


Deck beams added



Beams fitted stubs removed



glued and pinned



started filling



gangway gap



deck fitted and filled




gap filled




Edited by Ray

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In cruising through this build log, I have determined that I need to build this ship as well.  Almost regretting not building it first, but there it is.  A classic Frigate.  Nuff said.  Thank you for sharing your progress with us.

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Hello Ray,  You have a fine looking ship coming along, I admit i stumbled on your build log. glad i did.. Although i now torn between the Dina and the victory now :-s


Looking forward to updates


All the best Rich

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Firstly thanks for the comments guys



The forecastle bulwarks



These were the next job,I decided to lay the waterway down first and add the inner bulwark planking over it, this way should give a nice edge better than cutting the waterway to fit the curve. The waterway was made up from 6mm deck planks glued together and cut them to the bulwark shape,if they look a bit wide this is to allow the deck planking to be joggled into them. I laid them both sides and then planked the inner bulwark did a bit of filling on the top and filed them both square. I then removed the capping rails from the sheet offered them up to the bulwarks and they were only just as wide with no overhang !! so I checked the bible and all the capping rails show an overhang, I laid the rail over the plan and they are about 3mm to narrow (see photo) so using the rail I marked and cut out two new wider ones from the ply sheet they came from, I did not cut the location slots, I will do them later, they were first painted, and then glued in place with thick cyno  and repainted.





Waterways fitted



Bulwark planked




Undersize rail



New rail marked out



Ready for rail to be fitted



New rails made and ready to fit



Forecastle bulwark and rails completed


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Forecastle deck planking


The deck was planked in the same manner as the gun deck using the maple planking and blackening the sides, I joggled the planks from the position as shown in The anatomy of ships Diana, the effect is much better than just tapering the planking but you do need the waterway to do it, I planked over the cutter-ways in the deck and will add the fittings over them, there are no joints as the plank lengths are to short where there are no fittings.


First plank down



A few rows down




Just more than half done



Joggled planks



Deck completed and varnished




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The quarter deck



The forecastle deck now completed I now turned my attention to the quarterdeck ,this is were I change from the kit version, to the as built  in 1794 Diana with the open rails, and only 9 pounders. Firstly I cut out and fitted the waterways, I then discovered the gun ports were all wrong, the  bottom of the ports were to low as was the hight of the bulwark when a cannon was offered up to the port, Please note this problem only applies to the 1794 version not the kit version.


My solution was to remove firstly the outer hull planks, glue together two planks and plank the inner bulwark covering the old ports,then extend up the middle planking row and fill in the old ports,and lastly re-plank the outer hull,and when both side had been done I cut out the gun ports using a cannon to get the correct heights,I would highly recommend anyone building Diana to this spec build the bulwarks above the deck and do not cut out the gun ports until you reach this point. The ports were cut 1mm oversize to allow them to be lined. next I painted the outer hull and inner bulwark, the open rail is the next job.


Quarter deck waterway



Removing old planking



New planking



Fitting inside plank



Rebuilding bulwark



rebuilt bulwark




Re-cutting gun ports



New bulwarks completed











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Hi Jason


Good Question, I have been pondering this point, and your question has made me make the decision on how I will depict the armament. I have looked at other open rail models, most do not show any guns, and some show 9-pounders at all the gun ports on the quarter deck, and four, on the forecastle, but this gives her too many carriage guns. I consulted my books The Sailing Frigate  A history in ship models (which backs up ) the information in The Anatomy of ship Diana,the book states that Diana received 32-pound carronades  on the 23rd of February 1795, but she was only given six,not eight, the establishment requirement and she also did not lose any of her 9-pounders, and she most likely received the other two 32-pounders at the time of her refit in 1796.


I will therefore arm Diana as in mid 1795 with four 32-pound carronades and eight 9-pound carriage guns on the quarter deck and two carronades on the forecastle with two 9-pounders as bow chasers. She would still have had an open rail quarter deck, as she did not have a refit until 1796, which logically would have been the first opportunity to fit solid quarter deck bulwarks.

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The quarter deck open rails



I looked at the photos in my books and worked out a hight for the top rail, and then drew out a template, (see photo), which would give me good idea of what it would look like,  I also used the template to cut out the uprights. Firstly I made a trim to go at the top of the bulwark and under the bottom rail. The bottom and top rails were made from 5x2mm beech which bends really well even after a short soak the uprights were fitted into slots in the bottom rail which when they were all made were painted and glued on, the top rail was bent to shape, and all the upright positions marked, the rail was then drilled to just under the breaking through point,and then cynoed onto the uprights, one down one to do.


Rail profile drawn out



trim added under bottom rail




bottom rail



bottom rail and uprights



Top rail ready to fit



Top rail fitted




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Great Job , Ray

I had some trouble while bending the 5x2 mm strips. As result the curves and even the straight parts are seperate. Because as seen from above this upper rail follows a certain camber or loop, if you like.

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The quarter deck open rails have now been completed, and also, the top rail across the top of the stern has also been added, and some more of the the side decoration strips have been added, just a bit of paint touching up is required.


Completed open quarter deck rails









Stern  rail













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Quarter deck planking



Next I have planked the quarter deck same method used as before and I joggled the planks as I did on the forecastle.


Planking started



Half way



Nearly done



Quarter deck planked







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The gangways have now also been planked and the 5x2mm beech has been used to make the rail which joins up the quarter and forecastle decks just the inner batten to add and varnish.


One side done





Both sides planked





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