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On Friday Marsalv wrote:

Thank you guys for all the likes and nice comments.

To Ondras71: You are not right, there are many other builders much better as me on this forum.


I never thought that I would make a post here in which I would disagree with you, Marsalv - - - but here it is!

While there are many other builders here on the forum who may be as good as you, it's my opinion that there aren't any who are better than you. You are definitely right up there in the "top league" with the others!

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Thank you guys, the answer to the jdbondy question: See the picture in my post dated 4 August. There is an aid tool which I use to make networks. After thread stretching is important thoroughly to overlap the netting with diluted PVA glue. After drying is possible to cut the netting into the required shape.

Work is now slower, thanks to my own stupidity, I often have to make some parts agani and again:angry:. Some pictures from lower mast production for today.











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