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Planking Direction - moved by moderator

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I'm working on the last 2 planks on the 18th century longboat and boy are they a mess!  This is my own fault, I was not precise enough when sanding to the tick marks but,


My question is this.....


Do you plank in one direction (either sheer to keel or keel to sheer)


or do you plank in both directions (top down and bottom up) meeting in the middle of the hull??????


Any pros/cons to either plan?



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For small boats at 1/4 scale I plank with holly and work from the keel up.


On the hull of the ships themselves I start with the wales then add the thick stuff strakes above and below the wales.  I then add the garboard as it can be tricky then do the planking in between the lower thickstuff and garboard strakes.  Last, I do the planking above the thickstuff which lies above the main wales. 


Just the way I have gotten used to, not necessarily THE way to do it. 




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