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Lord Nelson by Arthur Hogg


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I was working an estate sale today an came across this painting entitled "Lord Nelson". The artist is Arthur Hogg. It looks like a reprint to me but I know nothing about art. The front of the frame looks in good condition but the back of the frame is in bad shape.  I picked it up for $5. Anyone know anything about this artist or the value of the print?


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You are right, this is a copy, although I know nothing of Hogg. The original of Nelson was painted by Lemuel Francis Abbott (1760 - 1802) in 1797, and is quite a well known portrait. Nelson, then a rear admiral, had just lost his right arm at Tenerife and so it was still quite painful when he sat for the artist. He has captured Nelson quite well, and you can even see the pain on his face.


I think Abbott painted a number of  likenesses of Nelson, some with a hat and some – as here – without. However, his later paintings showed a deterioration of his technique, as he gradually became insane. I believe it is thought the artist may later have committed suicide, although I am not sure about that.

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