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Texturing running rigging/weathering

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I am often asked by folks who buy my rope how they could make it look less new.   They want to know how to give it a more weathered or even just textured look like they see on many contemporary models.   First I tell them to wait 300 years and it will look just like they want it to.


But then after failing to get a laugh I suggest what I have done for years.  Its quick and easy.  Its not very messy.  But it does take practice.  So I figured I would post it here.


Model builders have been running their standing rigging (black or brown) through a candle flame for years.   They do this to remove the fuzz.   Luckily my rope doesnt have any fuzz.  BUT.....should you run your light tan rope through a candle flame....it will pick up some nice color.   The soot from the burning candle will give your rope some texture.   Multiple passes through the candle will make it darker.


Running it through very quickly will create a very blotchy and uneven look so dont be afraid to take your time.   Take as much time to slowly run it through or over the flame.  You will have to practice because obviously if you go too slow it will just catch on fire.


Once I run it through the candle flame,  I will run the rope between my fingers.  This evenly distributes and softens the texturing.   In the photo below you will see a brand new and untouched coil of rope and behind it....that was after I ran it through the candle flame twice.  If you do it once it wont be as dark but I wanted you guys to actually see the results.


So if you are trying to figure out how to weather or darken the running rigging,  you might want to give this a try.  I havent tried yet....but I am also wondering if different color candles will impart a different shade of soot.....will have to try that next.  This effect came from your standard average white unscented candle.


Click the thumbnail for a really big version.


ropeburn copy.jpg

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