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how to paint like this?

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Hi and welcome to MSW.

Would be nice if you told us a few more details on what you have to start with and the required finish. Or photos.

Mask areas off that you don't want to paint. You can use a liquid masking solution. ( just peels of when finished )

If the gold areas are already fixed into place then hand paint them with a dark gold.

Then drybrush them with the gold.



Regards Antony

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A very fine brush, very little paint on it, a very steady hand, eye magnifiers and a bucket load of patience. I did something similar in my Golden Hind.I used the brush almost dry of paint. It took several passes to leave a good coat of paint.


There is something strange in the poster's photo. The ship looks unfinished except for the golden ornaments.

In any case you should paint the hull of it's right color(s) and lastly the ornaments.

I don't see how that modeler is going to paint the hull without messing the gold.



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So much to build, so little time!



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Thank you everyone.

First of all, I'm sorry about the short question I left above. I'm a newbie to not only this forum but also building a model ship. I've built one car and one ship so far. I just finished my first ship, USS constitution (1:196), a few days ago and had a lot of fun. I found a black pearl model kit with the picture I posted from ebay while I was looking for my second one. I'd love to build this ship but wanted learn how to paint like the picture before I buy the kit.  Thank you for the tips!! (sry about any grammar mistakes i made. eng is my second language.)

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  The photo you posted is very inspiring.  I don't know that I'm much help as all I have ever used is a fine brush and a steady hand.  What I wanted to point out though is to be careful about buying Black Pearl Kits.  As far as I know there isn't an officially licensed one.  I could be wrong on that.  I would check out this post Banned Kits  The Black Pearl is one of the most copied models by companies that do not respect copy rights.  Many of the kits are banned on this forum for that reason.  Before you buy a kit read the post and make sure it's not among them.  I'd hate to see you get into a model you like and not be able to share the experience and ask questions because the company you bought it from is cheating people.   

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For my Soleil Royal I used good quality brushes.  Generally liners and pointers in sizes of 5/0 and 10/0.  I seemed to have the best results by painting the outside edges of the figures first and then filling in the rest.  All of the paintwork was done under magnification.  Only enough paint was loaded on the brush to allow for a couple of strokes.  When using any metallic color paint you must stir the paint often as the pigments settle very fast and you will find the color getting very dull as you apply it to the surface if you do not stir frequently.







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As Popeye2sea stated, find a very small high quality brush set, then practice. The great news, is this is just paint. Wood is very forgiving. When I painted my Connie's hull I used a combination of airbrush for the large areas and detailed brushes and magnifying glasses for the bow and stern details. Early on I would paint the what details on, then have to come back and touch up with black where I overpainted. Not once but through several iterations. The details became sharper and cleaner with each iteration. I also found that this was giving me the experience to begin to get it right the first time as I learned how to handle the brushes, load the proper amount of correctly thinned paint, and techniques for applying it to the hull.


I still am in awe for those that can do details like the Le Soleil Royal shown above. Henry did a fantastic job on it. I just wanted to give you a perspective from someone who just went through his first learning curve on painting details like this.


Chantilly, VA


Its not the size of the ship, but the bore of the cannon!


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