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Bluenose by SimonV - FINISHED - Amati - Scale 1:100 (First wooden ship build)

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Hi All,


lets begin as promissed in my introduction post.

I started this build on May 2013 with few breakouts, due to other projects. As my first wooden ship build I decided to do it out of box. I finished the hull with only one layer of planking, becouse everything is painted and no natural wood is visible. 


If anyone wish to offer advice, please feel free to do so. It all helps and I would be very grateful.











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Part 2.

This is the stage where I am now. 

I painted hull with Caldercraft Admirality waterbased colors. On scrap wood I tried Matt Caldercraft varnish over black and red color, but I'm not happy with the result. Do you always varnish hull after paintig process to seal the paint, or I can leave as it is now? 






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This is a very nice start to your build.  Good clean lines and a symmetrical shape.  About covering the paint, putting a coat over the finish will protect it from dings and scratches.  I have to admit, I haven't over-coated my hull yet, but I do have a can of Minwax Wipe-On Poly on the table and may get to it someday.  I am planning to use the clear satin finish, which may knock some of the sheen down, based on the pictures.


Don't worry about how fast or slow you are moving - I've been at mine on and off for 7 years.  When the mood strikes I work on it, when it doesn't she sits quietly and waits for attention.



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Bob, thanks for kind words and comments  :) . I will try with sattin-matt varnish from CC which I just received. 


Currently I am working on deck furniture and fittings. I collect all metal parts and first primed them with Vallejo primer. It is not as good as Mr. Surfacer (Mr. Hobby - Gunze), but it could be painted on with brush with good results. Then I painted everything with Black color. 


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  • 3 months later...

A little update to my slow going project. All deck items are painted and attached on model. Becouse deck is already varnished I used 5min epoxy glue + all parts are secured with pins. It was quite a chalenge to achieve correct position of holes on deck.

Next stage are two on deck boats in 1:100 scale. I will  scratch build them, but need to figure out how :huh:







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  • 4 weeks later...

The parts for jaws were also poor quality, so I made new one from 2mm plywood.

Next task was panting masts, gaffs and booms. I like natural "wallnut" wood finish and I tried several stains and paints . Best result was achieved with highly diluted wallnut brown paint. 2 very thin coats were needed. 

After that all blocks were tied on Bowsprit, masts, booms, and gaffs.






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Bob, thanks for tip. Actually I am planning to fully complete sails off the model, incl. attaching Mast hoops on sails.

During construction I already finished display base. I think now is time to permanently mount model on it. Because I didn't install nothing
into the keel for mounting model I came up with next idea.
I place M3 thread rood into the keel (keel thickness is 3,5mm). After that I made M3 thread into M4 bolt. So I can disassemble model of the base if it is needed.



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Amati did include sail cloth into the kit, but there is only enough material for one attempt, no mistake is allowed.
After some research in shops I found material very similar to Amati sail cloth and bought it enough for a few models :)

I borrowed Admiral's sewing machine and start to learn, from knowing what all those knobs are for to sewing first

 lines. After several days I managed to make three small samples, testing different colors and technics. The most

difficult was that with sewn rope on outer edges,but is a bit out of scale. Maybe I will use it on future bigger models.

I decide for first version (left - 2nd picture) with lighter thread. Than I made first real sail which came out fairly good, but
I am not satisfied because it wrinkles too much. I think that tread tension is a bit too high. 

Practice, practice,...  B)







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