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Anyone good with Maxsurf?

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I'm trying to come up with a hull shape for the Russian reasearch ship Priboy




in maxsurf. However, I'm having a lot of difficulty getting to grips with Maxsurf, and I'm not really getting anywhere with the youtube tutorials. Can anyone share experience of getting started with Maxsurf? How would you go about creating this hull shape in Maxsurf?

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you can draw your desing in Rhinoceros, you must save your desing in *.igs extension (Rhino has the possibility of save your work in many types of extension, is very usefull and esay to mane) . Then, import the file into Hydromax, and open it, review corners, surfaces and touch parts of surfaces. When all is ok, save it in *.msh extension ( hydromax extension is equal to Maxsurf extension).


You can work with the file , modelled easily in rhino, in maxsurf and similar software ( hydromax, hullspeed....).


Now I used this program to modelling and studing diferents hull shape, and efficiency, working with diferent methods to calculate wave resistance and others.

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