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Model Expo's parts picker

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The hard part is to let go of a part cleanly without disturbing it's location. It seems like one or the other of the feelers is always puching to one side on the release.


It's another one of those cursed things that needs practice


The nice thing is that you can pass the holder through the model or from one hand to the other without losing hold of the part. Like a hemostat without the big loops on the back end

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I have one of these and find it useful for picking up very small parts from parts trays and surfaces.  Makes it easier to keep the part from slipping away to hid under the bench.  Also good for holding very small parts for painting, however you have to leave the part in the holder until it is dry enough to put down.

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Have one in the shop, it is about 18" long and I use it to pick up dropped nuts, bolts and washers mostly, from places my hand won't go. Once you get a grip it holds firmly. If hobby size has the spring toned down it should work well without marking the part, mine would mark wood and plastic well. Maybe using a magnifying glass and a small file and some crocus cloth  the gripper could be smoothed out with rounded edges.


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The old ones that the computer techs used to use were pretty good but on the newer one I have the spring is off and the little wires are so flimsy they don't keep their shape.  So I never use it and stick with tweezers.


 I've never tried to use it for rigging but it seems like you might end up snagging a line if you're not careful with the thing. 

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