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Roger B. Taney rigging and sail plans

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As suggested on my opening forum in New to MSW by Allan, I am opening this forum to solicit information/suggestions or insights in completing a model of the Roger B.Taney that I inherited. The model was started by my farther but was not completed. I am now working with a modeler at the SDGO Maritime Museum both fixing damage and trying to complete. I have attached photos to my open forum in New to MSW along with additional information. 

In studying the rigging and sails as inherited it appears that my father took liberties in design of the sail plan increasing the sail area to increase speed. As I look at the rigging it also appears that the  modifications will not work as rigged(not complete). I have found a number of references but none address the specific rigging or the modifications.

Any insight or assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Paul


Decided to add photos...







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Hi Kevin:

Do you still have the rigging plans for the Model Shipways #2006 Roger B Taney?


I'm trying to complete the kit my dad started, and almost finished, in 1971.  Anything you have on that model would be great.


Rick Cross

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Roger B Taney

Revenue Cutter

Launched 12/26/1833

Isaac Webb design


LBP 74.5"

Beam  20" 8.5"

Depth  7.5'


Howard I Chapelle drafted a hull plan and it is available from The Smithsonian

They also have  spar plan for the near contemporary  Revenue cutter Jefferson and one for the Revenue cutter Washington.

Since Jefferson may have been a sister, this plan may be close enough.


Chapelle provided the following data on his plan of the Taney




Help for the details may be available in one or all of the following books:


LEVER,L DARCY                                                    
EDWARD W SWEETMAN CO                         
NEW YORK                 

ART OF RIGGING, THE  1848                                        
EDWARD A SWEETMAN                            
NEW YORK                 

KEDGE ANCHOR, THE  1876                                          
BRADY,WILLIAM N                                                  
MACDONALD AND JANE'S                         


SEAMANSHIP 1862                                                  
NARES,GEORGE S                                                   
GRESHAM BOOKS                                
19TH MASTING RIGGING SAIL                                                                                                                                                              

Rigging Period Ship Models
Petersson, Lannarth



I have not looked at the books to see which are really helpful for a small vessel like this.


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I have the complete directions for the Roger B Taney. If you need any part, please let me know. I have the complete kit (left to me from my father) and I’m contemplating whether I’m going to build it or not. 😊

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I'm also finally starting a Dikar Roger B Taney model that I bought over 20 years ago but surprise, surprise, the only printed materials they included were plan sheets 1-4, supposedly there should have been 8 sheets total.


So if anyone has the complete plans/instructions and wouldn't mind selling/loaning/photographing a copy it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Edit by moderator to remove email addy and prevent you being spammed.

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