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Billings HMS Renown

Ian B

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My wife is constantly telling me don't look at ebay!!! Well I did and made a cheeky offer on an unopened Billings HMS Renown kit which was accepted and is winging its way in the post...Just checked on here and only found one build log and almost no comments.


Is that because


A... It is rubbish and not worth doing

B.. just not the sort of thing people on here would build

C.  Life's too short for the little stuff :)


your vote please LOL!!!... :D :D :D


seriously though, any suggestions on how I could really make this model stand out or be different? I looked on the web and saw there is a preserved one in Portsmouth.





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I vote for "D" none of the above:) It looks like a neat beginner model to build. By reviewing the instructions it isn't that complicated to build for a novice or if an experienced modeler wanted a starting point for a good kit bashing. The only down side to this model is, it's a Billings kit. Although I like Billings kits, they tend to use an awful lot of plastic parts and prefrabricated wooden parts. But a good kit bashing could eliminate those issues.

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I m building a billings victory and although instructions are lousy wood is cheap and there are plastic parts it cost a lot less than other makes , im using it to experiment different build methods and extensive bashing so far ,learning a lot and really enjoying it . if you got the kit cheap enough you can,t go wrong 

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