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looking for planking tutor in Greater Vancouver

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Hello there:


First of all, sorry moderators if I've posted this in the wrong place....since technically it is a solicitation.


Second, let me say that there are some great tutorials available on hull planking on the downloads section of this site. However, I feel there must be something I'm missing....


I've made several plank-on-bulkhead models over the last several years, but I have never been happy about the planking and never truly understood how to do it properly....my results have been ok, but for the most part I apply liberal doses of wood filler and paint below the waterline to hide my poor results......


However, every time I approach the planking, I feel like I make the same mistakes, and confront the same frustrations and end up just kind of patching it together and flying blind...despite following along with the several good tutorials I have found. It has been very frustrating and I would much rather approach this part of my builds with more confidence and better results - it would be nice, for example, to show a well-planked wooden hull at some point in the future...


And so I'm making this plea - if there are any modellers out there in the greater Vancouver area who would be willing to spare a couple of hours to pass on their techniques and wisdom I would be very grateful - a bottle of your favourite wine or spirit, a case of your favourite beer, or if it's more appropriate some other form of compensation for your time and patience!


Apologies for sounding (being) desperate! Though I'm sure I'm not the first


current builds: MS Brig Syren (languishing); Bluenose fishing schooner (1921) (scratch)Corel HMS Bellona (1780)
previous builds: MS Phantom (now destroyed); MS Sultana (1767); Corel Brittany Sloop (decommissioned, 2022); MS Kate Cory; MS Armed Virginia Sloop (in need of a refit); Corel Flattie; Mamoli Gretel; Amati Bluenose (1921) (in need of a refit); AL San Francisco (savaged by cats); Corel Toulonnaise (1823); 
MS Glad Tidings (1937) (in need of a refit)HMS Blandford (1719) from Corel HMS GreyhoundFair Rosamund (1832) from OcCre Dos Amigos (missing in action); Amati Hannah (ship in a bottle); Mamoli America (1851)
under the bench: Admiralty Echo cross-section; MS Emma C Barry; MS USS Constitution; MS Flying Fish; Corel Berlin; a wood supplier Colonial Schooner Hannah; Victory Models H.M.S. Fly; CAF Models HMS Granado

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