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Alternative to sails

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i must admit, the original photo confused me, the is from a group within facebook, where the makeup of a sail has been completed without actually using any canvas/ material, very clever idea, 



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Quite normal in fact, this is the typical rig on most period Navy Board Models. Or at least those which have any rig at all, because most of them have no rig or have only the typical launch apparel instead (a suite of big flags). The idea behind this is the fact that:


a) no matter how fine the cloth you use, it is much too coarse if considered reduced to scale for your model. So if you want a "true" appearance for your model, better show it without sails.


B) sails weren't a permanent fixture on their masts, nor were all the parts of the rigging set all the time except when going on a high sea with all sails set.


As many period drawing shows, with ships in harbour many parts of the rigging were dismantled and stowed in the hold or on the deck, sometimes even the upper parts of the masts. This was especially true for the pieces of canvas which were costly and fragile, could get damp and rot quickly, so any experienced skipper knew that the first thing to do when in port is to get your sails dried then take them off and put them in storage in a dry and ventilated area. 


An observation though with the above picture(s): if the model is presented without sails, then the yards of the upper sails must be presented in the lowered position. Except the yards of the main sails which were fixed, all the upper sail yards were mobile (could go up and down their mast segment) and were raised in the upper position only when carrying a sail on them!

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I really like this approach especially because as Doreltomin says, I've never liked the scale of the cloth.  Plus I've never been happy with the colour or look of sails on models.  Also, unlike sails it doesn't hide interesting rigging and masting features.




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