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michael mott

Bristol Pilot Cutter by michael mott - 1/8 scale (POF)

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Well that certainly was a bit of a shock.


I will not try to rebuild everything back to the begining but here is a brief overview of from there to here.


This pilot cutter is based on some plans that were published by MAP
(Model and Allied Press) back in the early 70's and those plans were actually
based on the fishing smack CK482. Those of you who have seen the build in the past
will already be familiar with what I have done so far.


The model is

LOD 63 inches

LOA 84 inches

Beam 18 inches

Draft 10 1/2 inches

My intention is to sail this model here are a few pics of the build


The frames are Jellutong, and the planking on the hull is Cedar.




The roller reefing is custom built around a worm gear on hand.

The mast is Clear Fir and the boom is Spruce.




The deck is double planked the lower planks are white pine glued and treenailed
into place the top planks are clear Fir the caulking is coloured Carpenters
glue the top planks will also be treenailed in place.


The cockpit surround is Honduras Mahogany as is the forward hatch and the cabin




The underside of the
cockpit coaming the walls will drop into the opening 2 1/14 inches and there
will be a gasket around the edge of the deck under the coaming. The cockpit
will be fixed into the hull with a couple of brass machine screws then a teak
floor grate will cover those. this way I can access the rudder controls and
keep the water




I have learned form this experience to back up everything and am now building my log in MSword and posting to the site.


It is great to have the site back.




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Mark Thanks.

Remco, Thanks I am pretty pleased with it myself.


I did a little more work on the cockpit walls today.




The groove is visible for the gasket around the walls.




Chiselling out the corner blocks to create the rounded corners.




The shaping is in the first stage so that I can fit the floor plate.





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I'm glad I can follow your marvelous build again. Very nice work on that cockpit.


I wonder if you can build the original in the same amount of time. Often smaller versions take more time (more fiddle work)

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Carl, I think I could actually build a full sised boat faster.


Daniel , thanks for your kindness.


Bob Thanks I'm glad I did too.


John, yes when one falls off the deck its best to climb back right away :)

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Hi Michael,


I followed your progress prior to the crash, and I'm glad you are back with this amazing model.  I wonder if you could provide some kind of scale figure (even just a block of wood 6' tall--maybe you had one before, I can't remember) because we rarely see models of this scale, and I have a hard time visualizing a person on your cutter! 




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Better unshrink yourself Michael.  At that size, jumping off the work

table to get a piece of wood might...no... will be disasterous. :rolleyes:


:D :D :D


Hadn't thought about that!



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They use little people all over Canada, they even lure in some Dutchmen now and then ... When you consider the speed with which Michael built this model, it is the only way ;)

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Good to see you back and posting photos of your progress again, Michael. The 'scale' figures are rather fun! 

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That is a LARGE model. Your work is quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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Daniel, now my secret is out.


Carl don’t tell everyone!


Druxley thank you, Your comment gave me an Idea.


Russ thanks for looking in.


Dafi I am glad that you like it.


Well because I spent all day building a rope walk, mini me
wanted to get in on the action so I gave him the rope. At least he has a way of
getting down now Mark




I heard him muttering all day.




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I can't see a better reason to have a hobby.  Having fun is why we do it.  Should I wait for the rappelling picture?

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Ron glad you are enjoying this.

Daniel thanks.

Sherry, yes that was a fun movie.

Mark, well we needed some bigger rope, so this evening I fixed the bug in the rope walk and made this new 3/4 inch rope for such tasks. as rappelling.










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