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Halve maen by hlipplaa - POB 1/30 - ~1608 - Dutch East India Company

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Hello my name is Hjalmar i'm 30 years old and I come from Amsterdam. I havent introduced myself on the forum section for making introductions, I hope noone minds.


I'm building a model from drawings i got from a dutch modelling site. The scale is 1:30 and i'm using pear and apple wood mostly. It's a bulkhead structure planked and the sides have veneer second planking. The topside planks are about 2 mm pear. The first planking layer is limewood.


I'm using a phone camera so i hope the resolution is good enough.

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Thanks for the kind replies. Does anyone perhaps have a tip for me how to remove UHU Hart glue from wood. I can only think of carefully sanding.

The glue contains methylacetate and n-butylacetate i believe.


The problem with sanding the little boat is its very fragile. But a solvent and wiping it off may cause joints to become weak too.


Anyway, i hope ill hav some progress to show soon. I just got a mini lathe for my birthday so i can turn wood now. Gonna make a capstan first i think, plenty of examples on this forum i've already seen.

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Hello Hjalmar,  welcome a'board.  Love those old Dutch ships, that's why I started a self design of an imaginary VOC ship of around 1665 era.  Put that aside to make a model of my father's submarine of the Koninklijke Marine he was on from 1938 to the end of 1941.  Both are listed under my signature.


That's a nice large scale for your model, that gives you ample chance to do some great detailing.  I'll be following your build with interest.


Seems my whole family is from Amsterdam, loved to visit and spend many an hour in the "Scheepvaart Museum."


Well, I emigrated to the USA in 1957 and am retired now and live in Palm Coast, Florida, love it.



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Almost all the major deck fittings are done. Only need to make a flagpole. Then small details need to be done.


But now i have to decide what to do, stain it or not. The wood used for the decks is apple and the rest of the wood mostly is pear. Not sure if staining will make it look better.






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Made some clamps on the masts, made the gun port hatches, varnished the ship. Made a flagpole.


There are alot of different models with different solutions or interpretations of what the ship used to look like.


I have a question:


I dont know what these parts are called but they are used to belay heavy lines. Something like a bollard. I made a picture to show what i mean. I've seen different versions on diffrent models and on the half moon replica from Albany.


If someone could tell me what to call these parts, i know im showing only the on-deck part of it, they run belowdeck and are a structural part of ht e ships construction.


So if someone could tell me what part 1 and 2 are called it would be really helpfull for my "research". Of course i will be eternally grateful.


Part one is connected with a big block to the line(s) that are connected the yards i believe.

Part two is located in front of the main mast.






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Both in dutch:

1 knecht, used to hoist the main yard. Positioned about were your little hatch behind the main mast is.....

2 beting, and i very much doubt whether that thing was there on this ship. Belaying lines this was was quite unusual on early dutch ships. Lines were either belsyed on a knecht, on on clamps on the mast, or on the inside of the railing.



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there are various forms of sampson posts and fife rails, which is what you have pictured above. I have a few pictures of the ship, but they don't show these aspects very well. I'm going with what the Billing supplied parts produce........once the deck is sealed, I can start fitting out the deck layout. I like what you did with the dead eyes.......not sure what I want to do, but I may just keep with the supplied parts here as well.


very nice progress!

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Thanks for informing me.


By the way i dont have a kit i make everything myself from scratch, except for the deadeye blocks which i bought.


On the replica ship of the half moon there is a knecht near the main and mizzen mast and also a beting.


On my drawings there are only clamps on the masts and pin rails on the sides.


On many models on this site theres a knecht near all three masts.


So i think ill make one near the main mast or next to it. And one near the mizzen mast. The foremast has lines running through the deck.

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Thereshould bea knechtbehind every mast. It was needed to hoist the yards.

I would follow your drawings with respect to the beting (or actually absenceof it)

You could make a less heavy build pinrack. These ships had only one heavy beting: just behindthe fore mast, on the lower deck. This was used to belay the anchor ropes.



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