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Cutty Sark by juleslucas - Del Prado - scale 1:90

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Okay, it is time for some further updates, and I am not talking about all the new furniture I installed in our flat... As we bought 2 big wardrobes a new chair for my Admiral and sold a big bookshelf and a smaller wardrobe. 


Still some more furniture is coming in, counting a baby bed, as now we have to prepare for the new member of our fleet :) Coming in September.


So besides these movements I had little time to deal with her, but I have a few details ready (still following the assembly plan step by step :D )


I have created the toilets, by cutting the sides, attaching them and painted in white, while using a narrow strake cut in small pieces to create the dimension of the brown sides and the white roof for the toilets.


They are not yet attached, as there would be still more work to be done.


Raw material:



Final result:



Also I have measured and created the holes for the Davits, which will be used for the life boats as I understand.


There is no much work with the davits itself, as they are already shaped and painted, so easy job....




The next action will be (and starting soon) is the copper plating of the lower part of the hull. I am excited for sure!!


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looking good!  If you think that coppering will take you more than a week  (it takes at least as long as planking the hull- it took me much longer)  you might want to take all of the copper plates out and spread them so that they all get oxidized by the air.  Otherwise you will get bands of copper oxidized differently.


Just a suggestion.


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That is a good suggestion, thank Marc.


As I was checking the copper plates provided by this kit, I have already realized that there are some already different in color, and I will try not to use them, as I hope I have more copper plates than needed to cover her.


But definitely I will put them on open air, for the benefit of Admiral, she will love all these copper plates scattered around the house :D :D :D

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Don't throw out the colored plates, you might be able to blend those plates with the rest.  Place the plates that are already colored in something air tight, while the others are turning color and eventually they will be the same color as the rest.


good luck!


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Well it was a very  very very hot summer - impossible to concentrate on modelling as no air conditioning...


Although I found a few cool days to progress with the copper plating and now here are the results (not the final one, as still some finishing touches are needed, where ever the copper plates are not attaching correctly to the hull)




The biggest problem for me was to find the correct glue, that actually hold the plates firmly, and easy to work with. I have tried all the instant glues I had at home, but somehow was really hard to work with, some plates got kind of "ruined", but I will leave it as it, kind of like real life damage on the hull :)


Finally I was able to buy an instant glue from Chinese shop for 400 HUF - that would be little more than 1 EUR. Works and holds pieces perfectly, although there is no time to play around :)


I had to try the pieces 100 times to make sure they align correctly. Sometimes I had no patience to try them that many times - error is visible from close up ... that would be a quick fix on the way - should be corrected once in the dry dock :P






The pictures are bit blurry, but copper plating finished on both sides and keel. I have also attached the bow and stern decoration plates that came with pack.




Further updates on deck work is to come soon, although Admiral is now in week 39!!! So baby is coming in any days.... excited times for me, scarifying times for Admiral (baby is now around 4kg...)


Cheers :cheers:

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Some more progress on the Cutty....


As the second part of planking is now completed both upper wooden and lower copper some more productive (at least for me is in front of me). And as I can see these are the details that are really far from the original characteristics, but since I am doing a kit build I am following the instructions provided by Del Prado and making my own version of Cutty Sark - especially with the colors used by me!


So channels are created for foremast and mainmast - drilled some holes in it to hold the rope ladder and the rigging of these masts.




Also I started to work on all three masts - foremast, mainmast and mizzenmast, together with their crow's nest and all attaching pieces. and also the yards and booms.


I have to cut the different sizes for every mast and yards, and also sharpen both ends for the yards and one end for the booms.


I will use brown color for all the masts and yards, as I like the way it looks like (more than the white one - sails will be white).






And this is how it will look like once they are fixed to the hull - not yet done...




and a closer look:




From this picture you can see, that all the deck houses are now attached, and the poop deck house has its skylight window attached as well.


Above the main deckhouses I already prepared the strakes to hold the boats and shallops (prepared all 4 of them already.


Also I have prepared the compass (there was nothing to prepare on it :P ), the anchors with their chains and the bilge pump - will be attached to the deck sooner or later.




Any opinions, comments are welcome.


P.S. - Baby is waiting his time (12-Sep) as it seems...

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Dear Friends!


I have just became a father yesterday!!! :cheers:


My son was born around 10 am with 3720 grs and 54 cm. Admiral and baby are fine and healthy - slow down in progress expected for the next couple months...

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Congratulations !!!!


Kids are meaning of life. Model can wait ( mine waited almost 30 years) but kids and Admiral don't.


Keep them safe, keep them happy


All the best for all of you



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