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I am new to the hobby and need a lot of advice.  I considered buying the Constructo kit of the USS Constitution but I noticed that Model Shipways has a 48 inch model available at what seems to me a good price.   I have built many RC airplanes so I'm not new to working with wood although nothing like the craftsmanship needed to produce a ship like this.   I would like to know which is the best model to build.  My wife calls me "Tim the tool man" because I tend  to go with the bigger . .  however  is there something I need to know before making this decision?    I want something that will give me a challenge and look worthy of my time when I finish.  Which kit has the best parts quality to it?  Or is there another kit of the USS Constitution out there that I am not aware of?

    Any help and advice is appreciated. 



Present build - U.S.S. Constitution 

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Welcome! There are a number of USS Constitution kits out there. In addition to the Constructo and Model Shipways, there are also Bluejacket and Mamoli kits. The most popular Connie kit being built on this forum is that made by MS, but each vendor brings their own positives and negatives.


All of these kits are a substantial multiyear undertaking. You will need to be ready to live with this model and still be excited about building it throughout the course of the build. There are a wealth of logs for these ships on the forum that you should read through. You should be able to get a measure of the skills and time each model takes by reviewing the build logs.


The other advice would be to first take a smaller bite and get a model that you would enjoy building, but one that you could test your skills on before jumping into a big build. This would be a build of weeks or months rather than years.


Either way, this forum will be here to assist in any way short of coming to your shop and building it for you.


Chantilly, VA


Its not the size of the ship, but the bore of the cannon!


Current Build: Scratch Build Brig Eagle


Completed Build Log: USS Constitution - Mamoli

Completed Build Gallery: USS Constitution - Mamoli


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