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bluenose great beam


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working on the great beam it says its made of 3 laser cut parts, I have them dry fitted and there was 2 more identical cut parts on the panel for some reason, the plan measurements are correct with just one,, I though maybe they get glued together or there just extra parts, anyone know what im talking about here? thanks

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sorry no camera, it broke and I have yet to get a new one, I did figure out this, sort of,, I ended up gluing 2 of the parts on top of each other and that gave me the deck level difference and it looks like everyone else's now, but I still had one part of it left over, but since it looks the same I stopped worrying about this, im sure it went somewhere, but it turned out like everyone else's

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I have the same model. I came to the conclusion it is an extra laser cut part.  You will also find a small laser cut part that looks like it goes on top of the monkey rail in the rear.  But it does not show up anywere on the plans, I didn't use it.  Also the laser cut main rail piece on the rear does not fit, had to make my own.  Also the way the plans show attaching the bobstays to the bow, forget it.  Just attach two eyebolts to the center of the keel at that location.  Hope this helps.

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