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Puritan sloop by johncole - Mamoli - 1/50 scale - 1885 America's Cup

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Here goes. 

This is my first build log here, and this kit will be my second wood ship model.


The kit is typical of European kit makers today. I'm not the best authority on what's good or bad, due to limited experience in model ship building. The machine cut parts are mostly accurate, with some trimming and fitting required to get a fair hull shape. 


Following are some pictures of the kit, plans, and my initial hull lay up. The design features a sliding keel, and a slot is created in the keel to allow its function. Enjoy!





















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There's a picture above that shows the full size plan, and the green ruler laid at the foot is 12" - 30.5cm. Yes, it has presence as the sails are quite large.


Thank you for checking in!


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I *think* the hull is ready for planks, shaping and sanding went pretty well. I did botch a couple of places, fixed with shims. 


The keel is tapered quite a bit, unlike most of the earlier ships. I think this taper helps ensure a very fine edge at the bow. I'm not sure how this was done on the full size ship, but I'll try to somehow create the effect.

The slot for the sliding keel can also be seen.









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Thank you Antony.

I'm hoping to use just a single layer of planking instead of the double plank scheme from the kit. The kit wood intended for the first layer of planks was finished pretty rough (not their fault, it's supposed to be covered with a second layer of walnut), so I used basswood instead.


The fitting of planks is pretty fun, in a meditative sort of way. I've made a few mistakes, but so far have recovered from them.



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Thank you Eamonn, it does indeed have beautiful curves.


Big day today, I finished the hull planking!


The last plank required two stealers, and everything worked out ok. I made quite a few mistakes that will hopefully guide my next build to a better outcome.


Next up: add some sort of stem post, shape and level the hull, build and install the rudder.








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Hello Hamilton, thanks!


I've been moving forward, the single layer of bass planking came out well enough that I'll omit the second layer.


I shaped the hull using sanding blocks and sand paper pulled around a piece of plastic pipe. I do have a few places where a bit of filler or wood is needed. The nibbing plank took forever to do, the rails too. But I'm really enjoying this build!! Sometimes I think it's a difficult project, but then I see some other complex models being built on this forum. I think my model would be considered a good beginners build. Yow!




And now, a few pics:











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Hi John,


I’m sorry to be late to this build.  I’ve always liked the Puritan, with its long bowsprit and have thought of building it myself.  Hopefully this will give me the kick I need to move it higher on the list of boats to build.  You’re doing a great job.



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Bob, Andy;

Thanks so much for checking in and nice words. I'm really having a good time building this boat.

Andy, did you do a build log on yours? I'd love to see pictures sometime. A special shelf for it, now that's a good idea.


I finished the cap rails and other small details. You can see where I had to apply some filler. A lot of these parts were made of non-kit wood. Hull finishing soon, and rudder work coming up.
















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Wayne, Jay, thank you for the encouragement.


I did a bit more today; added the side mouldings (is that what they are??) using some model RR basswood. Next, the hull was sealed with lacquer and sanded, then I carved the bowsprit from sitka spruce and did a rough fit.














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Hello again. Hard to believe, but it took me nearly two days to make a cradle for this project. I left the wood rough, hoping it might add some kind of scale effect later on.

The toothpicks I used are bamboo. I use these often on model airplanes as well, and they add lots of strength.


Next up is finishing the rudder, then on to deck planking. I've been putting the deck off because it's definitely out of my comfort zone!







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Eamonn, steal away. That's all I've been doing since discovering this site..


I began installing deck planking. I'm using *some kind* of wood from a long forgotten source. Maybe alder? Anyway, 1/8" strips were cut, and I'm off and running. Well, maybe a very slow jog.





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I had a productive weekend, the deck was completed!


It's far from perfect, but I'm happy with the results. I don't know what kind of wood I used, how sad is that? Whatever it is, it's quite hard and splintery, and I wouldn't use it again. I'm always collecting ideas to improve future models.





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Hi John, Very nice build you have going on here , I really like how you made the cradle , beautiful work , she's taking shape , It's always good to see am America's Cup boat ( I am a huge fan of the America's Cup ) I will pull up a chair and follow along


Best Regards,


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Pete, Bob;


Thanks for checking in, I appreciate it very much. Thanks to all for the 'likes' too.

I feel as though I'm confronting a steep learning curve with this project, but it's definitely do-able, and darn fun!


After scraping the deck, I sanded it with 320 paper, then applied two brushed coats of lacquer. Right now it's curing in the sun.

Rudder work is next up.

Thanks again,








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