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Painting and Staining (Moved by moderator)

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A question I would love an answer to.  I have settled on the Model Shipways Phantom as a first build.  Since my intention is to pain or stain individual parts or assembled parts before connecting them to something that will be a different colour, is it going to achieve better results if I spray or use a brush.  I'd love to see some pro's and con's for both methods to get a feel for what I will feel comfortable trying first.


Thank you for any answers

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I agree with Wayne, the outcome won't be much different either way.  But don't forget that sometimes glue does not work as well on painted or varnished finishes as it does on bare wood.  So even though it might be harder to paint different colours butting up against each other it might improve the integrity of your structure.

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For a first build, I would strongly suggest brushing.  "Spraying", I assume you mean air-brushing, is somewhat difficult, and is a technique only aquired with lots of practice.  Why risk messing up a first model with a newly learned technique?  You wlll already have several learning curves to conquer.


I understand what you want to accomplish with the different colors highlighting different parts, but I'm not sure it will enhance your finished product, and take to heart Testazyk's caution of glues over paint; it doesn't work well. Eventually the paint will age and flake off; your repair job is then much more complicated unless, of course, it will be the next generation's problem :D !


Good luck your first project--don't rush and get frustrated; you picked a kit company that generally provides the best instructions for kits in that price range.

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Wayne, Testazyk and Jim, thank you all.  I do agree about the size of the piece being important.  Being new to modelling its something I hadn't even thought about painting until I started looking at tools online and reading through build logs.  The number of mini airbrushes and the quality of some of the poainting in pictures made me wonder, especially in relation to hulls.  For the first build I definitely won't have an airbrush. There are just too many things to get at the start of any new hobby that I wanted some experienced advice on how to prioritise this one,


So again, thank you very much guys :)

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