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Filling gaps with glue and sawdust

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The problem is that the glue gets into the pores of the wood and that prevents the stain from penetrating.  I have had limited succes in small areas by masking the area to keep the sawdust/glue confined to the place that needs the repair.  Further, I have found that gel stains give a better result if using either sawdust/glue or filler.  The gels tend to stay on top rather than be absorbed like liquid stains and act much the same as paint..

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If you want to stain, Elmers and Min-Wax make fillers that are stainable. 

Be careful with this.

Min-Wax comes in different base formulas. You don't want to mix Elmers (a water based glue) with a solvent base.

I prefer the water-based stains by General Finishes (available at Woodcraft) and mix a little of that with carpenter's glue (the yellow glue) and saw dust. Especially if the stain is going to be the same final color. Experiment!!!

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