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New Bedford whaleboat by Carlmb - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1:16

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Good evening, I am a little bit into my first build and will post as I go. This is my first wooden ship but I do have some RC plane experience. I had a minor stroke so I have given up RC and attempting model ship building. I have already purchased a Niagara kit as well but I figured this would be a good beginning. This site is terrific and I appreciate all the excellent builds.





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Hanson Hobby is a small store that carries something for everyone. Mostly RC car stuff. I bought some wood there a couple days ago. He has a decent wood supply but it has just been there to long, very brittle. A few wood kits but expensive.


Thanks for the welcome. Anyone know of any ship modeling clubs in Mass.?

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Hello Carl,

I was just going over the forums in order to see who else was building the NB Whaleboat and am glad I am not the only one. I started the post today and hope to view others tidbits of information I may incorporate into my build. I hope to see more progress soon.



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Looks like we have a few people building this kit which is great. I am just returning from Sugarloaf Maine after a few days at a friends cottage so I can continue building. Quick picture from Maine. Moose everywhere.




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As shown on the Beetle site there are bolts holding down the thwart knees. This is a great site with some awesome pics of a complete full size whaleboat build. It can be seen at www.whalingmuseum.org/programs/beetle-whaleboat-project

I figured the best way to make these bolts was cut the heads off a #17 dress pin. I drilled the knees with a #65 drill and inserted the heads with a dab of glue. These are going to be painted over with a Light Buff acrylic.  





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So last night I decide it must be time to make the sail. (not necessarily in order but a good distraction) I do a search for making sails and a few categories pop up but 1 by Nils on using the wife's sewing machine to make sails pops up. I contacted Nils and he was awesome responding to me with a new thread.

So I do a quick craigslist search and there is a $30 Kenmore 10 miles from me. I grab it and following some good instructions and sewing machine 101 I am able to whip something up.

I followed the instructions to build the New Bedford sail and didn't like the way it turned out (new sewing machine does not make small enough cross-stitches). Made a new one and I'm much happier. Time to make the masts now.








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You are doing a fantastic job for a first ship model. Your time building RC Airplanes has paid off. How much time do you have into your build so far? It looks like you started your build log when you were pretty far along.

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Some prefabbed planks and tops and bottoms were supplied with the kit. After being assembled I treated the wood with weather-it which is a cool wood ager I had used years ago when train modeling. I then cut some brass sheets into 1/16 strips that I fit around the drums and soldered. I then treated the strips with blacken it and CA'd them on.

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Building row locks.


Start with a 1/16 strip of brass.


Punch and drill a #65 hole in strip.


Insert a #17 dress pin.


Hit the pin with flux and solder.


Trim the brass to the proper length and hit with some blacken-it.


(please let me know if this is helpful or I am beating a dead horse. Thanks)








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This is more or less how I make mine. I use brass wire and brass strip. I put the wire through the hole for a bit and then add the prefluxed soldering paste and make the joint. Then I trim and file the pin down on the inside the oarlock. Drilling the hole and putting the pin through to solder it in place is a good method.


Nice work and good description.



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