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Mini Table Saw DVD

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Hello all


I have the bug terribly for a Byrnes table saw, even though I know nothing about fancy power tools, and have been making it Ok as a beginner with my handy Chopper.


I see on eBay and amazon a DVD:


Miniature Table Saw featuring the PREAC precision miniature table saw.



Just like in the real world of fine full size cabinet making where accuracy is everything, I will teach you how to scale and produce accurate and realistic cuts, joints and other detail that will make the difference between a "toy" miniature and a Reproduction true to the original. The table saw is the workhorse in any wood working shop and so it is in the miniature shop as well. Accuracy is also proportional to the scale you are reducing the original. It is therefore extremely important that you not only have a tool capable of such accuracy, but know how to properly coax that level of accuracy out of it. In this DVD you will learn all about this saw and how to make every cut required for most work cabinet making situations as well as simply how to do it MINI style.


Running Time: Approximately 1-1/2 hours. With Jose Rodriguez


The DVD is $37 plus shipping.


I am sure the techniques could be adapted to Byrnes, Proxxon, Dremel, etc.

Has anyone seen/tried this DVD.  If any good, it would be a good investment.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

J Sherrod



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