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TITANIC by Greg92 - Hachette

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Hey guys I'm greg from Gold Coast Australia I also have another build log going and that's for the BLACK PEARL from hachette I bought this kit off a lady in Perth Australia who's husband had sadly past away a few years ago and she had collected all 100 issues every week for him but he was unable to start/ complete it it's copy righted 2001 so it's a good 13 years old all the issues are unopened except for issue 1 I am currently up to issue 8 and was wondering if anyone has done this partworks before if you have please feel free to help me with any tips or tricks as this TITANIC and the BLACK PEARL are both my 1st builds my girlfriend has been on my back for months now saying that I need a hobby and I saw the add on tv for the BLACK PEARL and so I thought I would give it ago I do know that the partworks are EXPENSIVE the BLACK PEARL. Is around $2,500 and the TITANIC was around $1,100 but I was able to pick it up for $350 I personally like the idea of having a magazine with every issue because you can learn a fair bit about what you are making as a example did you know that a first class ticket on the TITANIC would cost in today's money $100,00


if any one has any folders or the stand or any other parts I am miss I would be very greatful to buy them off you


I hope you enjoy following my build log(s)post-14232-0-48137800-1407714616_thumb.jpg






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As long as it's the original Tite Bond, water should work.  Depending on how long it's been glued you may have to let it soak for a while.  If you can get a wet rag or gauze or something up against the connection you want to de-bond, and keep it wet for a while, it should free up after a while.


If it's Tite Bond II (I think) which is waterproof..  well, then I don't know.

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Hey guys it's 11months since I last posted on this build log I've moved 2 hours away new job got back with the mrs a new baby on the way and started collecting the mallard and u96 uboat partworks witch I will start build logs for them soon and just received a full set of the endeavour partwork for $350 delivered


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