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Fundraising suggestion for next year - MSW photos

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Oh boy - seems impossible to keep things clean mopping.gif

Anyway....We won't be ordering TONS at a time to get the best price break - just enough to hit a GOOD price break - which is 8 at a time minimum...so no worries there. I think we should hold off on mugs or other items until we see how this goes...but I do like the idea :)


Picture size is an interesting question and since I don't think we will have ONLY 13 photos (cover +12 months) rather I think we will have main photos each month but probably a few on some pages (for example I'd like to see a page with figureheads made by the members, probably could have 4-8 on one page). I also don't want to alienate people with older cameras and make them think that they can't try to submit just because they don't have a 25MP camera. Also, as long as the photo is in focus I can do a heckuva job fixing stuff in photoshop so it's really content that I'm going to be concerned with.... that said I think a minimum size for a photo would be 750x750 if it were already cropped ... but I'd really want you to submit the highest resolution photo you have. The way you will submit (coming in the near future) will not have a size limit and won't require you to chew up email space or anything like that.


Thanks guys for your continued support of this idea. I hope your enthusiasm maintains momenutm through the year as we get closer to publication.

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What's the latest news with the MSW Calendar idea ??


I, also, thought Sarah had hit upon a real winner of an idea and was keenly looking forward to buying my own copy when it came out (plus maybe a couple of extras for gifts). But it appears this thread is fading - no new posts since late-March.



So, please, any updates on its' progress ??

(And, no, I don't wanna see my builds displayed in it - I can look at my ships any time).

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I'm a little late to the thread but I'm in.


Maybe I missed it but I think that newbies pics should be included. Obviously there's work out here that moves beyond modeling and is simply art, but there's something special in all builds regardless of the skill of the builder. 



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Don't worry folks. The Calendar is just going through the final stages before printing. We Moderators have been doing the Proof-reading etc for the last couple of days.


I've seen the final version, and it looks great :) .


More news soon.


:cheers:  Danny

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Cool. Count me in. I am sure it will look good in the new shop, which I will be moving into is a few works, can't wait need to get back to doing the rest of the frames in CAD before I forget how to do them, good thing I have recorded the work when my friend get on line with me. Will be starting a build log soon FINALLY.

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Hi guys!!!! I'm so sorry i've been MIA - and yes the calendar looks awesome - If I do say so myself :) anyway there are a couple fixes that need to happen before they are mass produced which I'll have done by the weekend but I expect there will be a big shiny new thread with an announcement shortly!

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wow guys! I actually got a little bit misty in my eyes!  We are 80% moved in and this week we spent a lot of time getting the "hobby" room together so we could get back to work on models. I missed you all so very much - but life was ...well ... life! But I've got my krabbenkutter out on my desk and a unicorn on order from modelexpo (almost added the essex...but decided to only get 1 boat at a time ) but I did finish the calendar.


I got my sample 2 days ago and its a great display of so many people's hard work and talent. I just finished making a couple minor tweaks and I think everyone will be quite pleased. I believe the pricing after shipping will still be under $20.00 with a nice/reasonable profit for MSW, without which none of us would have these great friendships! 


I'll start being on more so don't worry - you haven't seen the last of me :-D (evil laughter may be entered here if you so wish)

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Hello Daniel,


A proof of the calendar is already ordered, so I'm afraid it won't be possible to add it.


But you can always put the the Ship in Bottle day in the MSW calendar http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/calendar/



Thank you for the response I thought that might be the case.  Maybe next year.  I will add it to the MSW calender though.  Thanks.

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What do you guys think?????Is it too early to start working on a 2019 calendar?  Is this something you guys might be interested in????


I am thinking maybe even possibly using the wonderful photos of the contemporary models in the Gallery rather than try to squeeze a random set of our member's models into a catalog....and leaving some out which may cause some hurt feelings.....


Any thoughts???? As I am basically thinking about volunteering someone at the NRG to look into it if there is enough interest.

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