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Are those iron parts painted? That's a nice faded/bleached out black.

Paint, Floquil Engine Black.  I didn't do a color correction and my camera turns it blue-ish.  It's a dark, dark gray.  I'm not sure on the availabilty since it's lacquer, spelled stinky and poisonous for children.


Joel Sanborn


Tiny pic just for color:


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Floquil paints have been discontinued by Testor's - the owner of Floquil.  There may be some floating around on eBay or a hobby shop shelf but I seriously doubt that Engine Black would be one of the colors still not gobbled up.  I know one modeler who's bought 27 or so bottles of a specific Floquil clear finish - off eBay.

The attached photo is the 12 pound gun painted with Badger Modelflex Marine Color Wrought Iron Black (#16-413) an acrylic paint.  It is the same color as Badger's Dirty Engine Black  (#16-05).  This is a somewhat weathered Engine and/or Hull Black which are both dead flat black and look way too stark on guns.




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I started to use Blacken It but had very poor results.  I got a bad batch of Blacken It - I have used it many times and while I use Birchwood Casey Brass Black for brass because I like it better than Blacken it for brass, the Birchwood Casey stuff doesn't work for pewter.  So, I ordered some Blacken It and when it arrived I used it on the guns - with nothing to show for the waster $, time and effort.  Must have been old or frozen at some point or something because it did not work - period.

As I had a magazine deadline to meet, the airbrush was used.  I like the results using the airbrush and have shown the guns at club meetings and guys asked what I used to blacken the guns.  They couldn't tell the difference - the Badger paints use very finely ground pigments and cover well with a very thin covering. 


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Can you remove the gun or is it attached permanently?  I think it is easier to rig the carriage, get it into position, then remount the gun.  IIRC, I rigged the running tackle with the gun extended, anchored one of the breeching line eyebolts (with line attached), THEN hauled the carriage into place.  As I said, it may be easier with the larger scale.


New project:  Colonial sloop PROVIDENCE.



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