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USS Constitution


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I know there have been a number of threads discussing this, or the various kit manufacturers in general. I am building the Mamoli kit with a lot of bashing. If I chose again, it would probably be the Model Shipways version. It is larger and has more detail out of the box. Since it is larger, adding more detail to it is a bit easier. The instructions for Mamoli are not very detailed. It assumes the modeler will know many things, so an activity that might take weeks, might be a sentence in the instructions. The BlueJacket kit bill's itself as the most accurate and it seems that many modelers who are familiar with it agree. However, this is a solid wood kit so you have to be prepared to carve the hull.


Accuracy of a Connie kit is always up to a lively debate since no one knows for sure what she really looked like (exactly) during the 1812 battles. There are MANY discussions on this forum regarding that.


All of these kits are substantial in that you will probably be several years in building any of them. Build logs of all of these can be found on this forum.  Look through them. I am sure any of the modelers will be happy to give you more information if you PM them with specific questions regarding their build or experiences.


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