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I have just been given a 3D printer kit.

The previous owner got feed up with trying to build it and the soldering was a no no.



It has No software. He has misplaced it. or it never arrived :)

What I would like to use it for is making small fittings and figures.

Can anyone suggest a software package that will do this.

To be able to scan a picture and then convert it into a 3D printable file.

If its a freeware then even better.

One of the first things I would use it for is to make the Victory captains entrance parts( carvings )


Thanks in advance.


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It sounds like your best option may be to use a stamp generator, found here: http://www.openscad.org


Or, you can click the "Open in Customizer" button just above the blue download button on the Thingiverse page, and enter the coordinates into Customizer. (Using Customizer may require a Thingiverse account, but it's free and requires very little information about yourself.)


After you've pasted in the coordinates, set the base thickness parameter to 0. This will give you just the pattern, without the top part of the stamp.


I'm not sure about Customizer, but if you use the .scad file, it will take a horribly long time to render. Then, when it's finished, export the file as a .stl (if you're using Openscad) or download the Thing (if you're using Customizer).


At this point, you have a .stl file of the original input image. You may be able to distort the angles like you described using a CAD program, but it seems to me that it would be easier to modify the original image so that the angles are correct to begin with, then go through the process described above.


Note that this will only allow you to create a vertical extrusion of a 2D image. For the side engravings this should be fine, but the front curved parts might be a bit trickier. I would probably print out the front engravings as an extrusion of a flat image, then heat them up and bend them to the desired curve. I'm not really familiar with the Victory, but when I say this I'm assuming you mean something similar to this?



Whether or not it's feasible to print a pattern like depends largely on how small it needs to be. I see from the link in your first post that the printer has a 0.5mm nozzle, so you may need a finer nozzle to print this kind of detail, unless the model is extremely large. It should be pretty easy to replace the nozzle though, since it just screws into the hot end assembly.


Hope this helps!

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Never thought of the Stamp maker :) nice idea. But it's limmated on what you can do.



Yes I do have Solidworks .. It's a very steep learning curve and I struggle with the simplest tasks.

And doing something like the door entrances could not be justified in the time spent learning the software.

There is software out there that can do what I want... Just keep looking.


Regards Antony.

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If you want to send me a pm with your image attachment, plus a a dimensioned sketch of your desired object, I can see if I can make an .stl out of it for you, or at least possibly steer you in the right direction...  If your image is in vector format, like .ai or .dwg/dxf, that will help immensely.

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I mostly use Rhino 3D, much easier to make geometry than SW, but you do have to be very careful stitching together surfaces correctly to make watertight .stl files. 

The good news is that it does have decent mesh editing, so you can work directly on .stl triangles if need be.

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