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Cool plank pins. Saw these on greatgalleons Niagara build site. Don't know if he made them or bought them but I liked the idea. Start with a 1.5 inch quilting pin and bend it at 90 about a 1/3 up. Bend the pin back straight. Bend the center over on itself and hit it with some solder. Seem to work well. Sorry for the lousy pics, not enough hands.








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Time to add the 1/32 spacers around the gun ports. Added the temporary board at the top which will be removed before airbrushing.  Used a small miter box and clamped on a spacer since we are going to need 80 spacers in this length. Not going to add the spacer for the oar sweeps now. Going to paint the spacer and add it after I've completed a couple boards from the top and determine the exact spot. 






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Thanks for the nice comments. The black is model expo. The red and yellow are from AC Moore. Great deal on acrylics at .69 for a 2oz bottle and there are 100's of colors. I am diluting them with denatured alcohol and then airbrushing.

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I finished the outer planking around the gun ports on the port side. Also completed the counter planks on the lower transom, added the fashion pieces on both sides of the rear and completed the final pieces on the inner transom. I am going to deviate a little bit from the original plans and go with red and black on the inner gun port areas but I am going with the green and black hull.






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I know you're using single long planks, but I will tell you this anyway. I used planks five bulkheads long. I put thick CA glue on the bulkheads & PVA on the plank edge. I could hold the plank in place with one hand. It would only take a few seconds to set & I could let go. Then i would wipe down the excess glue. The best part is I got to peel glue off of my fingers for the next couple of hours. Anyway, I didn't have to clamp or pin any planks in place. FWIW.


It's looking good so far.

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Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. I got the same serving machine you ordered last Friday. No motor for mine though. I'll be setting up some of the cannon rigging next week to see how it works.


I keep debating on what one to get, the powered or un-powered.


- Tim

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I have now begun the paint work on the hull. I started by using Elmer's Carpenters wood filler for interior. It go's on awesome and sands off just as easy. Sanded with 180 grit then followed up with 400. I decided to paint the hull black and green with a gold stripe at the water line. I taped off the top off the ship then painted gold around the water line. I then used a 1/4 inch tape and applied it at the water line. I use a laser level for tile work so I figured now would be a good time to use the level due to the uneven shape of the sides. At this point I taped off the top of the ship and airbrushed on the green for the lower level. It will now have to sit for 24 hours so the green hardens and I can apply the black.













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Hey, I'm glad I found this build. I working on the Niagara now. Or should I'm making a mess now. I keep having the same nightmare every night. It's about this garboard plank that's laughing at me and taunting me.


Nice job! I'm still debating on setting the coamings on top of the deck planking or planking around it. Probably plank around it. This is my first build and I not too concerned about its looks, I'm more interested in learning techniques to apply to the next one.

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