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Seeking advice on Delftship

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Hi. First and foremost...very glad to see that MSW is back! :D Forza MSW!  :)


I'm seeking advice on delftship (the free version of it). Is it a valid substitute for Autocad 

when designing the hulls of model ships? Is it safe downloading it?

If I'm not wrong, It has been conceived for REAL boats. So I'm wondering wether it is well

suited for model ship hulls as well...

Thank you in advance.Praho.

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Hello Praho.


I have Delftship on my laptop. No problems with downloading it from my point of view.


You are right that it is aimed at full size ships but I believe it is equally at home with models.

The buoyancy calculations and the hydrostaics may not be as relevant though.


I have not used it very much but it is rich in features and will certainly take some learning.

The basis of the program is 'surface modelling'.


Hope this helps


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I also use DelftSHIP FREE. It is good for modeling the hull and I am very satisfied with it. You can export the hull lines in DXF format and this file open in some free CAD program (Proge CAD free let's say) to make constructional details.

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My dad found this ship cad software that he thought was cool so he paid them 10 dollars to get it for me and when it arrived it turned out to be an outdated version of Delftship FREE! and I already had the newer version. Anyways I hatted Delftship, it was fun to play around with but when I tried to make a specific ship, the minnow from Gilligan's island I had a very hard time getting anything done. After I finished the model I never used the program anymore, since then I have restored my computer and I never took the time backup the model or to put Delftship back on my computer after the restore.

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