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Carmen 1850 by wrasse - Constructo - Scale 1:80 - schooner - First wooden ship build

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First time builder.  Selected this particular model as it seemed a compromise between the kids stuff and the real thing. Very excited.  Everything out of the box.  You all know how it is.  Spent some time reading instructions and studing plans. Realised there were some gaps in the information.  The plans include a longitudinal section but not a cross section of the hull.  Luckily noticed GuntherMT on this forum so am following his lead, although at a much slower pace, as his comments answer some of my anticipated problems.  Frames now fixed to false keel, probably sbould have ensured they were at right angles, but hoping for the best.  Had the same problem with aligning the top of the frames with the false keel, decided to make them align by adjusting the depth of the slot on the frames.  I hope this does not compromise the planking.  Avoided the misplacement of the aft wedges as there is a gap shown on the section [although why I do not know, it must be easy to make the piece the right shape].  Step 1 nearing completion.





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Nice to see someone else picking up this kit!


On the aft wedges, the top should align with the false keel, not the front edge with the bulkhead.  Hopefully doing it that way will keep you from ripping off your deck and refinishing it!


Make sure to add some blocks around the notches in the keel for the masts, so that you'll have an easier time setting your masts later than I am likely going to have.



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So one thing that did not come with my Carmen kit was a parts list.  Did yours come with a parts list, and if so, does the list say how many sheets of plans it should come with?  Mine only has a single plan sheet (plus the instruction book), and it seems terribly inadequate at times, so I'm wondering if I might be missing something (like sail patterns might be kind of nice).



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Good to see this moving forward.  If I can help you with anything don't hesitate to ask.  I've probably got quite a lot of photo's that I didn't post in the log, so if you are having problems with something I could very well have a picture that might (or might not) be helpful.

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