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Difference in rigging of same class/type of ships

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Why are ships of the same size and configuration rigged different?


If two ships have 3 masts with 3 yards on each, why they are rigged different?


Let's say I want to use Victory rigging plans to rig my Royal Louis, just because I like Vic's rigging better: Is it possible? What problems could I encounter? How many people could tell? Would that be a Capital Sin? Is this a dumb question?  :P

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A capital sin?  Depends.  If you're happy than everyone else's opinion won't matter.    


However, there are differences in timeframe and country.  Rigging evolved much like everything else. Also, "captain's choice" and "master's choice" come into play also.  Once a ship left the rigging yard/dock, then modifications were made to improve sailing qualities, including mast rake, distribution of ballast and changes to improve line handling.

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