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Constitution Wheel


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So I was wondering what others have found in their research on the configuration of the Connie's wheel. The current configuration as well as that prior to the 1927 restoration were 10 spoke wheels. I found that there was a mention in an online article of a Connie Wheel set in the US Maritime Museum. I looked it up. It is an 8 spoke set. However, they state this wheel was originally on the Guerriere and was taken off of it after the battle to replace the one shot away. No question that the wheel was in the battle (providing the provenance is correct) but did the Connie have an 8 spoke or 10 spoke wheel before and during the battle?


I am assuming that it probably was a 10 spoke since that is the common construction. However, I just found out about the 8 spoke yesterday. Interestingly the Mamoli Kit came with an 8 spoke wheel. I am probably going to replace it with a wooden wheel, I will make.


Thoughts anyone?





FYI, here is a PDF of the wheel based upon the Navy plans on their site. They attribute it to the preexisting wheel prior to the 27 restoration.



Constitution Double Ships Wheel.pdf

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My friend is currently working as a civilian consultant on the rigging of the Constitution. I was in Boston last month and he took me on a bonus tour. I got to go down below decks to the orlop deck as well as one of the powder magazines. Really amazing stuff. I have a photo of one of the few original framing timbers left in the vessel. Pretty spectacular.

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