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Running rigging without sails?


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Good morning all,


For my Carmen build, I'm thinking I would like to finish her without sails, but I'm unsure of what changes need to be made to the running rigging to do this.


The kit design uses the sails themselves for most of the spans, rather than having a rope extend all the way the length of the sails (this is a schooner).


I've looked for examples of schooner rigs without sails, but haven't found any great examples with enough detail that I am able to get a really good feel for what should and should not be present for a sail-less display.


The parts that do not attach to the sails are pretty straight forward, but should I be running ropes between the gaff and boom where the trailing edge of the sail would be?  What about the jib sails?  Should there be a rope from the foremast to the bowsprit and jib boom where these three sails would be?  Same question would apply to the triangular topsails as well.


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No rope between the ends of the gaffs and booms. As for the headsails, it is optional. If you are not going to show any sails, you can simply omit the downhauls and halyards. Same for any topsails. Typically, the gaffs would be lowered if not sails were set, but you can show the gaffs up if it pleases you to have them that way. Your choice.



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In general, everything that is permanently (e.g. splicing or sewing) fastened to the sails would disappear with them in the sail locker.


In more modern times blocks and ropes are attached using shackles, so it is often easier to unshackle these, rather than to unravel all the running rigging. Under those circumstances you may find that on some sails halliards, downhauls, sheets etc. are hooked into each other and tightened in a way that sort of outlines the shape of the sail. However, this may up to the fancy of the master, mate or crew. Something similar may done with other parts of running rigging, i.e. the part the attaches to the sail is shackled or hooked onto an easy to reach place, but otherwise left up.

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