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a few start up questions on amati bounty 1:60

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hi there all i've just opened the box on my new build which is the amati bounty scale 1:60. mamoli golden hind gets to take a break whilst i await belaying pins (surprise, surprise there weren't enough in the kit - will never ever buy another mamoli kit). anyway back to bounty. firstly a lot of parts are cast metal that should actually be wood. now after having reviewed roman roganov's build log on here i see it is possible to buy these parts in wood (see pic. all credit to roman i borrowed it from his log - hope you don't mind). so does anybody know where to purchase this? also first layer planking is 1.5 x 6 walnut strip. this seems like a too rigid wood to me for first layer planking. just wondering if anyone else has come across this for first layer planking. also second layer is 0.5 x 4 walnut. this is what i would expect and am happy with that. however the plans also call to use this strip to plank the decks. my concern is that it is very dark and most of the logs i've seen of this build the deck is considerably lighter than the second planking. should i bite the bullet and buy lighter timber for the decking? thoughts? and lastly for now at least the model has a very convoluted bow section set up. why can't i just use balsa filler blocks like i have on all my other builds. if anyone out there has built this particular model can answer me on that i would be greatly appreciative. have tried to pm navis factorem who produced a superb model of this kit but it seems he is off the air. thanks for your time. chrispost-1725-0-18184500-1410668978_thumb.jpg

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hi brian thanks for the quick reply. have emailed gary at modeller's shipyard about the wooden fittings. i can't seem to find them on their site but i will wait till gary replies. roman is from russia i think so i reckon he got these wooden improvements from somewhere in europe. to tell you the truth though the decking wood i've pretty much made my mind up to replace it with a lighter timber but am more concerned about the first planking strip

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Hi Vossy.  I am currently building the Amati Bounty and would also like to replace certain of the cast metal parts that came with the kit with wood, as reflected in your picture posted 13 September 2014.  Did you ever find out where to get them? If not, any thoughts on alternatives.

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Hi Marv, all the pieces in the above pic were drawn to scale by Roman himself, then he had them transferred to suitable wood and laser cut. I haven't spoken to him for a long time but he did send me his plans etc. for all his upgrades. will see if i can dig them out.




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Hi Vossy,


I looked at Romans website link and although I was a Comms Tech in the RN, my reading of Cyrilic is not up to communicating with him or reading his pages... I can't even work out how to scroll to the next page! You are right though, his version of the gallery windows would look better at the very least.


I too an not sure about the second planking being in the same wood as the deck. I was going to buy some Tanganika strip until I realised that it was £0.32 a strip and I would need about thirty or forty strips!

My more simple answer will be to varnish the deck with a very Matt varnish (http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/admiralty_varnishes.html) while staining the hull planking down some. (http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/admiralty_stains.html)


I'm just getting toward the end of the first planking of the hull and yes, you are right... The supplied 1.5x 6 is a bugger to work around 3D curvature (especially when it is the very first time you've planked a ship!) I'm getting there, but I'm running out of filler! LOL


I'm going to copper the lower hull using copper tape and a ponce wheel A) because it will look WAY better than paint and, more importantly, B) it means that I won't have to do "fine planking" around the tight curve of the bow! I think I'm going to plank down below where the copper starts and fair that in.


I too am missing some parts from my Amati box... As far as I know though, it is only the eye bolts. Rather than go through the hassle of contacting Amati, I am buying some etched brass ones as I think that they will look better.


Are you running a build log on your Bounty?


If you look at my build log (http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/12953-hmav-bounty-by-phill-elston-amati-160-ostensibly-from-the-kit-plans-but-potentially-modified-to-more-authentic/) you will see how I blocked in the bow sections on mine. It's far from perfect and in retrospect, I shaved a bit too much balsa away, so I've had to build a lot back up again with filler. As I say, I progressing well with the first planking, and all being well, I should finish that stage by early next week. Then it's sanding dust time!


Please feel free to swap thoughts and ideas on the builds you see it.


Best regards




PS... Did you serve in River class frigates? I served in several Leanders. Great ships!

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