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MSW mayflower by gluedandscrewed - on steroids

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I guess the mayflower must be considered my third build,,big red and black thing in the picture was my first,,five years :angry:  the little life boat my second,, the mayflower my third...blew up chucks plans to double size and so far everything other than the eye bolts around the coaming and the rivets on the rudder is hand made,,turning the life boats rudder and oars was an exercise in tenderness :D











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Hi Glued and Screwed.  


Your photos of the bulkheads and deck of your Mayflower look really good.  How big and what scale are you building to?  Have you started on the hull, yet?


Nice lifeboat and launch.  Can you tell us a bit more about them as well?  


I'll definitely follow along.


All the best. 

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Wow. That's impressive. How many channels for your Radio Control set do you need? In all seriousness, very, very nice. That is one very beautiful speed launch that conjures up memories of romantic cruising in old Hollywood movies. Well done.

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i know the purists out there will call it a sin but the thought of having to fair 1/4 inch 5 ply plywood bulkheads with a batten and sand paper by hand did not appeal to me at all. i know the project would have ended up on the bottom of the koi pond before i finished half a bulkhead so this was my approach to the dilema,,,after cutting out and dry fitting the false keel and bulkheads i took the bulkheads to my disc sander,set the table at 45 deg. and sanded them at that angle,,as can be seen on the little skatch..left a little land on the edge,1/32 to 1/16th of an inch,,just enough to hold some glue. took 20 minutes and she was fair...glued up the components and started planking not being very concerned with the look of it as the first layer is mostly there to give shape to the hull and provide a good bedding for the second layer.. minimal edge gluing only where the planks were twisted and lifting an edge CA glue is damn  expensive,, that done,,i dug up some left over epoxy resin left over from the big build, thickened it with flour to the consistency of soft peanut butter, just thick enough to stay on a vertical surface,, those in california can use organic flour :D next took the putty and spread it all over the inside of the hull and the gap between the planks and the face of the bevel on each bulkhead,, let it cure over night,,rough sanded the out side,, applied wood filler ,,minwax,, great stuff,,,fine sanded and was done...end result looks ugly on the inside but wont be seen,,, the hull is so strong and rigid i think i could stand on it without hurting it... 1/16 planks on 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 inch spacing with absolutely no give in them,,,time ? two days for a 31 inch hull with an eight inch beam



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think i'll quit posting,,went around and saw some of the work being done by guys with cnc mills, routers,lathes, minature saw and the like, absolutely museum quality work, beautiful,  i'm working with a 20 yr old scroll saw, dremal tool and an antique drill press


I don't think there's a builder here who hasn't felt that way...   :huh:

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We all "live and learn". Don't worry. Afterall, at the end of the day, admirers of your MF will be focussed on the whole model, rather than picking faults and mistakes.


From what I can see, you've done one hell of a job. I'm definitely looking forward to the masts and rigging, etc.


Well done!

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