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Schooner Hannah Belaying plan


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On my hannah build all I have for reference is the Sultana practicum as a similar type vessel and Lenarth Peterssons' rigging fore and aft craft. My problem is that i dont have a belaying plan and the fore and aft book shows pin rails which I dont think are present on the hannah. does anyone know where I can find this info?





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I would think that the Sultana's general belaying plan would be a good guide for the Hannah. They were of the same general area and vintage. They probably used shroud cleats and various timberheads for belaying points. There are some photos of Harold Hahn's fully rigged model of the Hannah in his book Colonial Schooners.



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Hahn's rigging plan is available through the Lumber Yard. As Russ points out, however, Hannah did not have belaying pins and the lines are secured on various timberheads, shroud cleats and block and tackle arrangements on the deck. Unfortunately, Harold shows none of these falls. His model is in the Washington Navy Yard and I spent hours figuring out how his rigging was done.


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Hi Ken,


I'm going through basically the same thing as you. I have a model of a colonial schooner and I'm working on my rigging/belaying plan. Hahn's drawings aren't much help except for the overall rigging plan and his book The Colonial Schooner basically is just a place to find those drawings. I found little else of use in it regarding rigging. I wouldn't trust Petersson's book either – very specific craft and periods.


But, as Russ and Greg have said, the Sultana should be a good guide. I have the Model Shipways' plans and they look pretty reasonable since both my schooner and the Sultana belay lines to shroud cleats, mast cleats, timberheads and a few to cross bitts. The Hannah should pretty much be the same and it's of the right period, right type, similar size.



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