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La Belle 1684 by Nenseth - 1:36 scale

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This will be my first scratch build  :D

So after getting some books from ANCRE my choice fell on La Belle and the configuration it had under Cavellier de la Salle’s 1684 expedition.

It is mentioned in Frölich's book as one of the easier ships for a beginner to scrach building. (We'll see about that...)


Just order some pearwood from Arkowood, this will be the main building blocks for this model.

I have some boxwood I'll use for carvings and decorations, later I'll order some ebony for wales, railings and blocks.

In a couple of weeks (when my salary comes in) some Proxxon powertools are coming my way from germany.


One of the big reasons for this picking this build is it's relativly nice size.


Size of the model  

                         Length  Width  Height

Hull                     54        15        18

Model rigged      62         24        52



Links of interest:




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You will sand it anyway, which will also remove the glue stains. Also, try applyin less glue, and remove excess with some stick as fast as possible.

What glue are you using? Realy recommend to try an orange Cascol for indoor use, it should be available in all Nordics.

Bonds pretty fast, very strong. Do not leave colored stains, could be easily dissolved with water if needed. It is just perfect ;)

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Hi Nenseth!


Good choice for the scale!

I applaud that because it's the same scale that I have chosen :-)


So far I've been doing research.

Tonight I will be laser cutting the keel parts, to 1:36, according to the actual archeological remains, which are different from Boudriot's


BTW, I"m curious, why 1:36? Boudriot offers 1:24 and 1:48, I guess you made your own conversion.


you might find this useful


over 300 pictures of the real thing.


some forums do not permit posting links to other forums, just in case, simply search for La Belle 1684 ATXinventor for more

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